Friday, July 31, 2015

Fan Girl Activated: Keith Milano Memorial Fund Author Event May 2015

Keith Milano May 2015 Fundraiser
Yes, this was an exciting day!  I got all my Last Call series books signed to me by the awesome, Sawyer Bennett.

How did I procure these lovely bound words on paper?  I participated in a fundraiser for the Keith Milano Memorial Fund at AFSP May 19-22 2015.  This was the 1st Mental Health Awareness Author Event on Facebook.  The event's funds were raised from pledges of one-click purchases, online auctions and author challenges.  As of July 7th, $34,000 had been raised for the memorial fund.  My real job entails me working with our partners who treat mental illness and substance abuse.  Because the company I work for has its own partnerships through Everyday Matters, I participate with #EDM and whenever I can to further the education of mental health treatments.  

The event was a blast!  There were too many authors to list here, but many of my favorites and a few new ones too!  Besides the fundraising done by purchasing certain written works, there was an online auction.  Two listings caught my eye as I would love to sit on my bookshelves.  I set my high end budget and went to bidding war.  One of the auction items was my choice between Signed Copies of either Off Series or Last Call Series.  I am a competitive sort of person, and no one was going to outbid me.  Obviously look at the picture of me hugging my bid win.  

I won the auction (was there a doubt?) but now had to choose.  I loved the Off Series as a set of stories because they were widely diverse characters.  But really, look at the covers of the Last Call series. I mean, I'll be looking at them - not actually reading them.  Horrors of the cracked spine!

Unfortunately, my new books arrived while I was working in LA.  My husband was kind enough to send me pictures until I could actually hold them.  Sawyer Bennett wrote some lovely sentiments inside.  She knows I'm madly in love with her characters and stories.  The insides mean more than the outsides.  Here's one that I'll share:

I truly do look forward to next year's event.  Like I stated earlier, I got the opportunity to learn a bit about some other authors, find some awesome reads and all benefiting mental health awareness - which is extremely important to me.  If you'd like to participate in next event, head on over to this website to be informed:

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