Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why another blog about books? It's not about books - well, sorta.

Why a blog when there are so many out there? Why a blog when there are so many out there about women's fiction/romance/erotica?  Isn't there competition? Won't I get lost in the blog wars?

Why yes there is and probably will get lost amongst the big boys.  But that's not what this blog is about.


I have several accounts - Goodreads, Google Play, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Audible and most recently, NetGalley.  These are where my reviews are kept.  I don't need to a blog to tell you about how I felt about a book, how many stars, or do I recommend you go buy it.  Go to any one of those venues and look me up: Karen Hulseman.  I don't hide behind a pen name concerned about what others see I like to read and review.  Read my review of books that I have read (1138 as of today on my Kindle app) if they are there. (I'll touch more on that in another post.)

What this blog is about is all the other stuff I feel about books, reading and anything in the literary world.  What do I think about audiobooks? Are they worth the time? Who are my favorite authors and why?  What do I feel about book loaning? What charities are supported by my favorite authors? and of course, Who will they cast as "xxx" in the upcoming movie?

I am not paid for this blog.  Not owned by the big man so not a corporate whore who has to pimp the next big EL James.  Nope, just a lover of books who wants to share my random musing about anything literary that touches me.  So, July 1st sounded like a good as day as any to start.  Here is to my start.

PS: Beware trolls.  I play fair.  If you dare to comment, play fair or off you go.

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