Monday, July 6, 2015

Recommended for You - Well, me really

If you have visited my Goodreads profile and perused the types of books I've read over the years, my tastes have changed.  However, you'll notice a certain gradual change around 2010.  That's when I got my first iPad.  Now, I had a iMac because Windows Vista came out. I had a hate/hate relationship with the OS, turned my back and never went back.  Along with the purchase of my shiny new iPad came a free book from iBooks.  The world of electronic books was then opened to me.  Other than reading digital library copies for my second time at college, this was completely new to me. I loved the fact I didn't have to carry around a paperback.  It was love at first swipe.

From there I learned the world of Nook books and then Amazon.  Amazon became a treasure trove. I found FREE books.  For a book devourer, this was a buffet of reading I could gorge myself on.  Since I had a son in high school along with a new job that had me fronting travel expenses, I was frugal.  I scoured the free books.  Somewhere along the way came my first Harlequin Blaze - it was a Lesley Kelly book.  After that, I learned that Harlequin Blaze did a monthly one-click that fit into my budget.   I became a hot romance addict. Yet, each time I logged into my Amazon account, it waved at me "We have recommendations for you".  I scoffed. I can find my own very much thank you.

Until one day, I ran out of things to read. I tried a few novellas that I consider erotica. (BTW that's a topic for another day- erotica. Yes, I'll be dating myself.)  These novellas did not have much of a story and I wanted something longer than the 1.5 hours it took to read.  So, I clicked on "Recommended for You" in Kindle Store.  WHOA BABY! It's the mother load!

Based on my purchases, Amazon suggested other books.  And she's off folks.  That's how I met my two favorite romance authors.  Had it not been for Amazon suggests, I wouldn't be a fan girl that stalks them (luckily they know I am harmless).  However, sometimes it does go astray. I've had a few books recommended to me that I didn't flove.  Or books that were recommended, I turned down because of the summary, but then read on a recommendation of a friend.

Now, I have lots of book friends and participate in several book groups.  I do take these books under primary consideration.  Draw me into a charity event and even more books get added to my TBR.  Yet, I still use Recommended for You both Amazon and Goodreads, I might miss my next fan girl author.  I highly suggest you check out yours and scan the pages. You never know what next great read is out there for you to find.

Please comment about how you find your reads, such as what are your best resources and why.

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