Sunday, July 12, 2015

Where is your Sunday reading spot?

Sundays are often dedicated as a day of relaxing.  Or at least I try.  Not plan anything, go with the flow of the day.  And accomplish some reading.  Since reading is my form of escape from life's responsibilities, it's what I want to do if someone asks. I may do other things: meditate, go for a walk, see a movie, BBQ with friends, etc.  However, I really like to carve out a few hours to my favorite pastime.

LA is my part-time city.  I live in Downtown and love it. Some Angelenos turn up their noses when I mention where I live.  Downtown LA is gritty and a tad bit dangerous.  DTLA can be romantic, hip and fun.  All the qualities I like in my book boyfriends.  DTLA is a place where you can watch a Maserati pull up to a valet stand to head up to the rooftop bar where just in the alley lies a homeless, barefoot man catching a few winks.  DTLA is slick and shiny yet hard and rough at the same time.  LA is blessed with fantastic year-around weather. There isn't many Sundays that I cannot go enjoy the outdoors.  I've found my perfect spot.

There are many iconic locations, but you can find some real gems in little pockets of the City.  I've found one in Grand Hope Park.  It's small with shade and sun.  Plenty of seating for reading or people watching. I can be just enough off the beaten path to hear the drone of cars racing to unknown destinations, but close enough to get my vice before plopping on the bench.  Here was this mornings adventure out with coffee (a must), croissant and book.  Below is a view of what was before me to enjoy between pages.  So where is your 'other' reading spot?  Where do you go to read when you want out of the four walls?  Comment below to share your favorites.


Lynn said...

No plug for your favorite DTLA coffee shop? It is a nice park...small, quite, green-space. Swing by the grocery before heading back up the hill for home. I love DTLA for exactly what you describe. BTW, I am a four walls reader. Nature calls to loudly for me to have my nose in a book.

My Own Bookshelves said...

LOL Lynn! I'm busted. Yes, my favorite coffee place is Tierra Mia on Spring Street. Their hortchata latte is like coffee crack to me. So, I have to limit my treats by balancing out with regular coffee. To those of you in LA, here's a link - best "Rice & Beans" latte

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