Tuesday, June 20, 2017

First Alpha Billionaire Book Bookfriend long before Christian Grey

Really Pride and Prejudice...was there any doubt.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is and always will be my very first book boyfriend.  This was back before boyfriends were a 'thing'.  I've been accused by many as being a book boyfriend hoarder.

However, I would give up all the book boyfriends in all the land for Mr. Darcy if I have to keep one. You see - the fabulous Jane Austen introduced me to the world of romance. And not just the bodice ripping, caveman claiming type. But those books could have strong characters - female leads - and capable of real life mistakes all the while getting to the Happily Ever After.

I found Elizabeth and Darcy as a young 15 year old girl trying to find summer entertainment. I lived on a ranch secluded in the Northern California Mountains. Dry hot summers without air conditioning and TV was only seen on channel 7 in seven images making me turn to the local library for fun. Now I use library loosely. It was a community table in the small post office.  There is where I found a very well used copy of Pride and Prejudice.

That copy never made it back to the table. I re-read the story so many times.  Hoping that Elizabeth would see the vulnerability in Darcy. And Darcy would see past his own carefully determined world to see Elizabeth.  The characters never listened to me - especially when I told Mrs. Bennett to "hush".    Although I went through what I call Genre Binging, you know all Stephen King or all spy novels,  I will pick up P&P to read cover to cover once per year without fail.

And I'm not the only one.  There are fans EVERYWHERE!

Particularly they are fond of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Ms. Austen even has her own Wiki with a page dedicated just to him: Jane Austen Wiki on Fitzwilliam Darcy

But Fitzwilliam Darcy is the standard which I hold all book boyfriends to:

  • Fiercely loyal
  • Handsome
  • Well learned
  • Loves independence and smarts above beauty in a companion
  • Honest
  • Passionate at the right times
  • Says the right things at the right/wrong times
  • Will admit when they are wrong
  • Able to take care of his mate
  • Allows his mate to take care of him

See although there are many new book boyfriends to be dreamt about, they have these qualities. Mr. Darcy set that bar. 

Elizabeth is who I consider my first girl crush. Strong, fierce and independent. She was Wonder Woman before William Marston considered giving girls a literary role model to aspire to. 

I'd like to point out all gifs and images are of the Pride and Prejudice (2005) movie version. And I believe that Matthew Macfayden IS the best Darcy.  In closing argument, I give you his voice:

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hold up...Let me jot that down aka My Love of Lists

Today's To Do List:

  • Do Instagram post
  • Work
  • Do a blog entry

Lists. My life depends upon lists. 

Recently Hubs and I went on a celebration trip. There were lists involved. I had a list for clothing each day. I had a list of important items not to forget. I had a list of personal care products. I had a list of ordered items sent to the destination. I had a list of ALL my vacation lists.  I guess I've made my point: I'm OCD about list making. 

What does this have to do with books? Almost there... 

During a recent discussion about an upcoming event, a bookfriend pondered: 

"I wonder about a BuzzFeed article?"

Seriously a very good idea. So, like any brilliant idea I researched it and found out what it took. 


Yours truly now contributes lists on all thing bookish. What is so cool about this gig?

  1. I get to interact with lots of book people
  2. I get to make lists
  3. I get to use gifs to illustrate a point is awesome
  4. I get to make lists
  5. I get to be sassy, punny and keeping just a tad north of classy
  6. I get to make lists

Why I didn't think of this or more importantly, above bookfriend, suggest it before, I do not know. Because I've got to say. This list building gig is a shit ton of fun. Now, in the short time the list building adventure has launched, we have three lists.  And people like them! Because sharing is caring (and the fact that I'm supercited about this), here are the links to the lists:

This is just the start. The ideas are flowing. And I'm listing like a three year old hopped up on 1 lb of Skittles and 12 cups of coffee.  Don't forget the best part -  I get to interact with the book community getting recommendations, ideas to help make these lists meaningful while staying entertaining.  I'm all about the fun! 

You are probably wondering: How can I contribute?  Starting right here, comment with ideas for book lists (or email works). Stalk me on my Facebook page and participate in 'Research Projects' or vote on the polls. Then follow me at BuzzFeeds Community. If I totally f*ck up a list, comment there on how wrong I was and why your (insert topic) should be on the list. Remember keep the comments politely sassy, somewhat classy and always fun! 

I'll keep up the antics here too. So if I have a particular listing adventure, I just may share about it here. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book I insist you read: Eight by ES Carter

Love isn't free
You pay its price with your heart.

Love by Numbers #6
E.S. Carter
Release Date:
June 13, 2017


I'm sorry for your loss.
Why do people say that?
When someone you love is taken from you, when a part of you dies along with them, you haven't lost them like you would your car keys or mobile phone. They aren't stuck down the side of the sofa or left in the ignition of your car for you to find later. You haven't absentmindedly put them somewhere and forgotten. You will never lose them because they live in you.
The soul crushing hurt that burns your lungs with every breath you take comes from knowing where they are and not being with them.
The ugly and real definition of grief is being left behind.
I'm sorry they left you.
I'm sorry you are alone.
I'm sorry it hurts to breathe.
Loss; it doesn't even compare.
She was my first love.
She is my last love.
I am an empty husk who pretends to be filled with enough love for those of us she left behind.
Our little girl and newborn son need me.
I am both mother and father now.
I am hollow and empty.
I am a shell.
So why does the girl with the face of an angel and eyes that mirror my emptiness, look at me like I'm her everything?

*Book #6 in the 'Love by Numbers' series. Can be read as a standalone.*



Grief is a difficult. Often in romance, the reader usually is at the tail-end of the timeline. Eight does not address the topic but immersing us into one man's journey of loss. I will not spare you; it's realistically painful. You witness the collateral damage to everyone in and out of the family. But is this only what the story delivers? No, more. So much more.

ES Carter gives in Eight all the feels. We are on a journey of how one young single father comes out the other side of grief. What happens when he meets a woman who reflects the same pain he has back at him? Maybe they can find a way to a new happy. Josh and Halle are written so relatable and want to get to know them with every page turn. All my favorite LBN characters make an appearance -what is a LBN book without Mrs Fox? Amazingly, you not only get to know Josh and Halle as primary characters, but Ivy-bell steals the scenes every time she emerges. As always, Ms Carter balances her storytelling with just the right amount of humor in the right moments to allow you to catch your breath.

So break out the Kleenex readers, you are going to need them. There is no doubt based on the PM photos I'm getting from fellow readers. But in the end you will be graced with a beautiful story that makes you believe once and for all, everyone has the chance for a HEA if they see it. Although Eight can be read as a standalone, this reader HIGHLY recommends you read One, Love by Numbers #5, first to get into the backstory. However, if same sex storyline is not your 'thing', you can read this as a standalone. Definitely a top 2017 read for me. 5++ stars out of 5 stars.

Purchase Links


“Halle, have you fallen asleep in there?”
I crack open my eyes and my arm gives an involuntary twitch in the now cool water, splashing some over the edge of the full tub.
“No,” I answer croakily. “I mean, yes, I was, but I’m awake now. I must’ve nodded off.”
It’s a good thing he can’t see me because I swear my face is glowing red with embarrassment.
I hear him chuckle, followed by, “You’ll end up all wrinkly, and I’m not snuggling with a prune.”
“You have something against prunes?” I call out, my voice a little stronger, my smile trying to break free at his teasing.
“Nope. Nothing against dried fruit, it keeps me regular, but I’d rather snuggle with you.”
At that, I snort. Only Josh could make a joke about bowel movements and still have me wanting to do more than snuggle with him.
“You’re a goof.”
“And you’re beautiful,” he calls back through the closed door.
The smile on my face creeps even bigger and by the time I’ve dried off and slipped on my shirt, not bothering with my bra, knickers or jeans, my smile is so big it almost breaks my face.
“Is it safe to come out?” I ask through a crack in the door, the light from the bathroom sending a shard of brightness across the dim room beyond.
Josh looks up from his place on the bed where he’s propped himself up. His back leans against the headboard, his sexy, dark framed glasses slip down his nose and a book lays open on his lap.
Is there anything more attractive than a handsome man who reads?
Standing here admiring Josh as he does just that, I can safely admit that, for me at least, there is nothing sexier to me than this man who reads.

Also Available in the Love by Numbers series
*NB: Books one and two are a duet, and should be read in order. All other books in the Love by Numbers series can be read standalone.

#1 Nineteen

#2 Twenty-One

#3 Three

#4 Thirteen

#5 One

Author Bio

ES Carter lives in Cardiff, South Wales. The home of castles, dragons and folklore.
Her family joke that she was born with a book in her hand, and the urge to write stories soon followed.
At eleven, she won her school's literary prize. At ages fourteen to sixteen - her poetry phase after falling in love with Dylan Thomas and e.e. cummings - she had a few poems published, but life, love and family overtook her dreams, and she was in her thirties when she began the scary journey of self-publishing.
Her debut and internationally best-selling series, 'Love by Numbers', are a set of interconnected stand alone romances, all with varying themes of love. From second-chance to romantic comedy and M/M romance. These stories do not need to be read in order, in fact, she is often guilty of advising readers to start at the last book and work their way back through.
Contemporary romance is not the only genre she writes, her second series, 'The Red Order', is as dark and twisted as you can get, but there is beauty there too if you can open your eyes and look.
With many more stories bursting to be set free, she hopes you stay along for the ride.
She loves to connect with readers, so please feel free to friend/follow her on Facebook, IG and Twitter or join her reader's group, E's Elite <3

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