Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hold up...Let me jot that down aka My Love of Lists

Today's To Do List:

  • Do Instagram post
  • Work
  • Do a blog entry

Lists. My life depends upon lists. 

Recently Hubs and I went on a celebration trip. There were lists involved. I had a list for clothing each day. I had a list of important items not to forget. I had a list of personal care products. I had a list of ordered items sent to the destination. I had a list of ALL my vacation lists.  I guess I've made my point: I'm OCD about list making. 

What does this have to do with books? Almost there... 

During a recent discussion about an upcoming event, a bookfriend pondered: 

"I wonder about a BuzzFeed article?"

Seriously a very good idea. So, like any brilliant idea I researched it and found out what it took. 


Yours truly now contributes lists on all thing bookish. What is so cool about this gig?

  1. I get to interact with lots of book people
  2. I get to make lists
  3. I get to use gifs to illustrate a point is awesome
  4. I get to make lists
  5. I get to be sassy, punny and keeping just a tad north of classy
  6. I get to make lists

Why I didn't think of this or more importantly, above bookfriend, suggest it before, I do not know. Because I've got to say. This list building gig is a shit ton of fun. Now, in the short time the list building adventure has launched, we have three lists.  And people like them! Because sharing is caring (and the fact that I'm supercited about this), here are the links to the lists:

This is just the start. The ideas are flowing. And I'm listing like a three year old hopped up on 1 lb of Skittles and 12 cups of coffee.  Don't forget the best part -  I get to interact with the book community getting recommendations, ideas to help make these lists meaningful while staying entertaining.  I'm all about the fun! 

You are probably wondering: How can I contribute?  Starting right here, comment with ideas for book lists (or email works). Stalk me on my Facebook page and participate in 'Research Projects' or vote on the polls. Then follow me at BuzzFeeds Community. If I totally f*ck up a list, comment there on how wrong I was and why your (insert topic) should be on the list. Remember keep the comments politely sassy, somewhat classy and always fun! 

I'll keep up the antics here too. So if I have a particular listing adventure, I just may share about it here. 

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