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Debut Author with a Second Chance I Couldn't Resist: No One But You By Alexandra Silva

Title: No One But You
Author: Alexandra Silva
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 27, 2018



They say bad things happen in threes… 

I made a mistake. I kissed the right boy, but married the wrong man. They were friends. Best friends. Until my life fell apart.
Everything changed.
Something was stolen and then something was given in its place. 
I had so much in my grasp, maybe it was too much because everything started slipping. 
My son.
My husband.
My sanity.
Only one thing remained the same.
My first crush.
My first kiss.
My first love.


They say you can’t miss what you’ve never had…

But I swear I had her. At least for one kiss.
I left the right girl and tried to replace her with the wrong woman.
It didn’t work because I still missed her.
I promised my best friend I’d always look after his little sister. And our other best friend promised to never break her heart.
He lied.
I didn’t.

We have circled each other all our lives but our time never came. 
We’ve never had our moment until now.


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I've added a new shelf to my list: debut author. Some days I am blessed with authors asking me to read their book babies. Sometimes they are just 'babies' in the world of publishing. These are special because they are often finding their voice. This debut has a very strong voice.

From the blurb, I was in. Huge sucker for second chance romance. Throw in older adults (i.e. read as over 25) and I am ready to read. Quincy and Jamie have been circling each other for years. Each marrying (settling) and having families. But now is their time.

But this is more than just a love story of second chances, this is a story on how to make lives fit when the puzzle pieces are worn or brittle and need tender care. With ex's that - well, that's a story - that create unique tension to the work environment stressors, the reader will find them rooting for the characters to have their happily ever after for their new blending families.

I enjoyed the drama without being rung out. This author has found her voice and will get better with each story she shares. 4.5 out of 5 stars.


“A penny for your thoughts?”
I swear every time he talks to me my heart just about explodes out of my chest. Jamie’s voice is so different. It’s changed. It’s deeper and rumbly, and it makes me think and imagine things that I don’t usually go out of my way to think about let alone imagine. It makes my belly do acrobatics and my mouth water.
How is that possible? How can his voice alone do that to me?
“Are you still angry with me?” He asks as he sits on the edge of the hot tub my parents had installed on the first floor balcony.
It’s such a pretty view. The water and the trees that surround one side of it with all the beautiful grey, white and light blue lake houses that line it in a cosy and enclosed U. You can just make out the green rolling hills surrounding us with the large church spire just about breaking the treeline. It’s just so wonderfully beautiful.
“I’m not upset with you,” I hear myself reply even though I am a little.
To be honest I think I’m a little more heartbroken that he’s leaving than I am angry. I was so looking forward to having Jamie around at Oxford, but he’s going to do an Overseas Exchange to UCLA so he can learn from some great minds like Doctor Wilson Weller—a teaching and practicing Neurosurgery god. Or whatever Jamie calls him. Phillip decided to stay close to home at UCL even though he got an offer to Oxford just like Jamie and Richard did three years ago. He doesn’t want to leave his new girlfriend, Jamie’s sister and one of my best friends, behind. I think I’m a little bit jealous of them, even if am happy for them. Jamie is just coming round to the idea, and I know that the only reason why he came to find me is probably because he still doesn’t know how to handle them being so touchy and lovey dovey with one another.
“You’re not?” He shuffles closer until the side of his thigh touches mine.
His legs are different too. They have a light smattering of hair that kind of matches his chest and the trail down from his navel. I can’t help but run my eyes down his slightly defined torso and down the light trail of fuzz that leads down to the top of his shorts, all the way down his shorts to his thighs and knees.
I’m so distracted by all his golden skin that I don’t even realise how fast my heart is beating until I feel the hammering in my chest pulsing up my neck to the back of my throat.
My skin heats as he wraps his arm around my bare shoulders. His thumbs lightly strumming the string holding my bikini top up around my neck. It’s like the sun shines brighter in that moment and the UV rays become laser strong and solely focused on me.
“Then why did you throw the Uni hamper we gave you in the bin?”
“Because it’s stupid. I don’t need wine and condoms and…”
“You say that now, but when you get there you’ll be thankful. You don’t want to be caught short, the dial-a-condom service isn’t as discreet or anonymous as you think.”
“Guys don’t even look at me like that.” I shrug.
He goes super still next to me. His arm becomes slightly heavier on my shoulders and his thumb tucks under the halter neck string of my red bikini top. He clears his throat and I can hear his Adam’s apple bob as he swallows.
“Quincy, that’s not true. Believe me, my sisters have made it a point to tell me every chance they get.”
He pulls me closer to him so that I have no other option but to rest my head on his shoulder.
“Why would they do that?” I mumble into the soft skin of his shoulder.
It’s shiny and taught. It wraps flawlessly around his lean muscled arms with the odd sun freckle here and there. He smells briny and citrusy. A combination of his cologne, sweat and the lake water.
I inhale deeply as his shoulders shake with humour.
Wait, why is he laughing at me?
“Why are you laughing at me?”
He clears his throat again before he sighs, “You have no idea.”
“No idea of what?”
Our eyes lock as I look up at him. His bright blue eyes are like ocean blue sparkling glass as the sun lights them up. They have these silvery grey flecks that bleed to the edges of his irises and form these thin dark rings that are only marginally lighter than his pupil.
“You’re so pretty…so beautiful…”
It’s like he can read my mind and steal the words on the tip of my tongue as he reaches for my hair with his hand and wraps it with my long tresses.
And if my heart wasn’t already hammering into my ribcage it’s now batter ramming its way out like it’s trying to break free or get closer to his heart.
I don’t know. All I know is that I can’t actually say anything. I can’t verbalise with the way that he’s looking at me. The way his eyes are eating up every inch of my face and the way they flitter down to my chest and then up to my lips.
His wet and shiny pink tongue darts out and moistens his lower lip before he draws said lip in with his teeth and bites down so hard that the blood and colour drain around the trenches his teeth have made.
I can’t help but mimic him with my own tongue and lips and teeth. He gasps lightly and as my eyes meet his again the pupils are so big that there is only a perfectly slim ring of silver speckled cerulean surrounding them. And I can’t breathe. The air feels too hot and dry. And thick? Why does the air feel so thick? It feels like I’m filling my lungs with invisible oil. My lungs feel so full that they have to push the air back out in deep and long unsteady breaths.
The arm around my shoulders falls and he brings his hand up to cup my cheek. And I know what’s happening because I’ve seen it in films and I’ve seen other people around us kiss. I can even kind of picture it in my mind—what we must look like right now. But I still can’t quite comprehend why he’s coming closer to me. Why his breathing is just as manic as mine. I can’t understand why he’s about to kiss me with wide eyes and desperate breaths. The hand in my hair tugs slightly and my face tilts marginally so that our lips touch.
Oh, God.
His warm lips are so soft and so tender as they brush over mine and I want to throw my arms around his neck, straddle his lap and just fucking devour him.
Fuck, I’m like some lust crazed person.
I don’t even know how I manage to stay so still with all those thoughts and all the electricity zapping through me.
I don’t know what to do next. If I should open my mouth or lick his lips. Whether I should touch him. I want to touch. I am touching him.
He’s groaning as he licks my lips and as my hands hold on to his waist so tight that my nails bite into his flesh. But then it’s not just my nails biting into his skin, it’s his teeth sinking into my lower lip. It’s his hand cupping my face so hard that I know it should hurt, I know that it’ll leave a mark, but I don’t care because it feels so fucking good. It’s his fingers weaving so tightly into my hair that the sting makes me want to pull on his hair too.
I can’t help the strangled moan that escapes my mouth as he slips his tongue inside and licks my own.
I’ve never kissed or been kissed like this before and even though I’m unpractised and new to this, my hands seem to be in the know as they travel brazenly down his sides to the top of his swimming shorts and as unsure as I am, I know that I want to slip my hands under the elastic and become acquainted with every last inch of his sexy skin.
Shit, I don’t think I’ve ever used that word to describe another person, let alone a boy…a man. Jamie.
He grumbles a shallow growl right at the back of his throat as my fingertips skim around the navy elastic of his shorts. His tongue licks deeper and twirls around mine.
I want more. I want to tell him that I want it too, but I don’t want to stop kissing him back and I have this unsure tightness in chest that makes me bashful and fearful that he’d reject me anyway.
I want him to touch me in ways that I’ve only heard other girls boast and brag that they’d been touched. I want his mouth and his tongue to taste a lot more than just my own.
Before I even realise it we’re both standing in the middle of the warm, soft rolling water and his hands are squeezing my bum cheeks to the point that I think they’ll leave bruises. And it makes me feel excited in ways that I’ve never felt before and it makes me feel like a livewire.
All this and he never stops our kiss. His tongue tastes mine with a ferocity that feels like years of need all at once. I rove my hands up his sides and his back, relishing the feel of his muscles pulling and tightening under his hot skin. By the time my hands round to his chest and travel up to his hair our bodies are completely flush and my boobs feel even bigger and heavier than they already are. My nipples feel sore like they’re being pinched and pulled and there’s this familiar, yet new ache that’s building between my legs and the bubbling water is only making that ache stronger whilst making it feel better at the same time.
I’ve never felt the arousal of a man, but I can feel his and it’s pressing deliciously to my lower belly. I feel the heat creep up my neck and flush my cheeks and all I want to do is find a way of getting closer. My fingers tighten their grip in his sun bleached brown hair and I can’t help but pull him down to me, even as I feel him softly pull away.
No. Please don’t stop.

Author Bio

Alexandra Silva is a lover of words and romance. She blames the classics and a nutty English teacher for her obsession with books and fiction. Come rain or shine with either coffee or wine in hand you can find her with her nose stuck in a book and her head in the clouds. She lives in London outnumbered by her very loud boys, with her very own hero and their two wild cats—Jack and Jill.

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A Little Bit Like I want more of South Haven PLEASE: Review A Little Bit Like Desire by Brooke Blaine

I think I have defined myself over and over as a 'hearts & flowers with unicorns dancing' romance reader.  I typically will not jump into the dark, taboo or what I consider overly angsty area of romance. There are book friends I have that thrive on dramatic angst. (They also love to vaguebook - see a parallel?)

I have a padlock of authors that I consider my 'one-clicks' because what is important for me in reading is two things:

I Am Entertained
I Get Happily Ever After

Brooke Blaine is one of those authors I can depend upon for consistent storytelling where my romantic heart is entertained. Bring on her latest series: South Haven. I fell deeply in love with A Little Bit Like Love and patiently waited book two...

It took 84 years to write.

I joke.

No not really a year later did feel like forever. BUT Brooke did deliver the compelling Unforgettable Duet this winter that was a brilliant twist on the HEA.

I bought.
I downloaded.
I read.

Now, I have no idea what to read next. Why? Brooke Blaine ruined me for any other romance for awhile. I mean the story is EVERYTHING - I want, I need, I DESIRE in romance. I have left the final page completely satisfied. 

And I am dead. Dead I tell you because when these men fall they fall completely in love. Did they fall dramatically? No, not really. But there was just something about the ease and gracefulness of how they did that appealed to me in the story. Neither one really looking. However, each one was in the place for more for the right person to fit. 

Did I think she could top A Little Bit Like Love? Ahhhh... nope. Because seriously, second chance romance is my crack. Lucas and Jackson were the perfect story and then some. But noooooo.... Ms Blaine delivers Shaw and Trent. They not only scorched my eReader, but gave my heart all sorts of good, mushy flutters. Because - No unnecessary angst! *cue angels singing* I mean --> there are parts of misunderstanding, cautionary tales, etc. that keep the two from falling into the vat of feelings. But Brooke Blaine again weaves the tale of effortless love that makes the reader fall in love with them. 

The story has connection, reliability and all the necessary ingredients without dragging it out or creating hair loss. It was perfectly executed storytelling. Not a thing I would change. I was entertained from beginning to end. My attention never wavered. I was enamored with the story. 

If you've not read Brooke before, start with book 1. You need Lucas and Jackson to get the rhythm of South Haven. If you've read Book 1, you are in for a treat. The no-nonsense tattoo artist meets a match I couldn't have predicted. Brava Ms. Blaine. 

Buy on Amazon or Read for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription

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How 🔥 do you like your romance? Let's talk flame ratings on Book+Main

We know all about the stars. We LOVE the story to Not for me.  But what about the heat that comes along with romance?

I will admit there are some very thorough reviewers out there. They rate stories based on content, editing, and steam factors. Not me. I just ramble on about what I thought about the book.  To be honest, I do have several friends that prefer the milder side of sex scenes.  A recent discussion led to how this impacts first impressions of an author.

My one friend skips over detailed sex scenes and prefers lighter romance. The other is middle of the road in sex scenes - they can be hot but blushes with the butt stuff. Then there is the last of us - bring on the dirty! With retailers providing reviews on storytelling, how can you pick out 'safe for me' in romance?

Flame Ratings on Book+Main

Before we dive too deeply on how to use flame ratings for your best experience, let's discuss what makes up a flame.  Flames are designated by the posting author on the content of the bite. Here are the current ratings:
  1. No Heat
  2. First Kiss
  3. Heavy Petting
  4. Getting Lucky
  5. NSFW

Say you have your Book+Main app on a phone that you allow your five year old child to play Candy Crush on. We know children are far more technologically advanced than adults so they could decide to open that cute heart.  Do you really want to have a discussion on whether the word 'fuck' is used as a verb or noun in the sentence? I think not.  You can set your profile to reflect the flame rating you want to see in bites. And it's simple to do:

  1. Click on your profile
  2. Click on Edit Profile and Settings
  3. Select the highest flame
Now you are ready to discover your next bite based on your personal preference! Your discover feed will only show you bites as you have designated. 


That's all fine and good for bites, but what about books? Remember friend #1 above. She doesn't like detailed sex scenes.  A bite may be considered a mild 'first kiss', but does that extend to the book? Not necessarily but there is a way to find out! 

After you open your bite, click on the link for the book. The book description will provide retailers available, audiobook links and flame designation from the author. More flames -- hotter the title! No flame designation? Start the conversation with a comment on the bite to ask the author. 

Now get ready to rock those flames!!! 

Please note: All images provided in this post are screenshots from the Book+Main site and are copyrighted to the owners of Book+Main. These photos are used solely for educational purposes for this blog and are not entitled for promotional purposes elsewhere.

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Again with the Unexpected from Me: Rambling Review of Sweet Sixteen by Brenda Rothert

About a year - ish ago, I talked about breaking out of your box and trying something new. Often my favorite authors have done such as task and has met with mixed results.

Some I loved.
Some I couldn't wait for it to be done. 

But, here is the thing: I tried it. I find some reviewers quick to judge based on either what little they know about the plot or based on others reviews. If we don't break out, then the great read is our loss. So, back to the blog post...

I talked about a new platform and an author I followed over there. First, the story was Y/A. Better yet, it was serialized. Okay for this older-younger-minded adult, this poor story had two strikes. Under 18 characters and I have to be patient to wait for chapters.  If you missed my post about this, check out this blog link. However, the story was gripping and thought provoking so I was hooked. 

Unfortunately, this new platform was poorly supported. The author had to make a call. Pull the story and publish it later. 

Now, you should all be colored surprised that I did not succumb to bully tactics of the kind where I am posting to the author's Facebook page on the regular. Trust me. The temptation was high to do it. But, I knew if I waited patiently, the story would be completed, and the steep, ugly cliff I was left on would give me the rope to get off.

But did I want to? 

Yes, you read that right. I was left on a cliff but I was uncomfortable. The story went to a place that any woman/man/human should be extremely uneasy. As the author reassured me, the plot direction was necessary. The hero's reactions were needed.  

Now, comes July 24th: Sweet Sixteen is ready for publication.  Do I finish? Spoiler! Read the title of the blog post. I couldn't resist. Because Brenda Rothert said - it's going to be okay. Trust me.

Sweet Sixteen is an unexpected story that grabs you and makes you think. From the story synopsis, you expect a Y/A romance where the hero and heroine connect on a level that transcends their age and gives the reader hope. And yet…

Sweet Sixteen is a lot more.  It’s everything wrong with entitlement. Following the pack. Group think. And what’s hardest to swallow is this is what these very important high school years are about. About fitting in or not fitting in. It is easier to follow the pack and then break out on your own individuality once you escape this small microcosm. This is what our hero and heroine with their friends face in their senior year of high school. 

Chase learns from our heroine about truly right in the face of wrong. What it is to be brave. It’s not always about the big moments with huge speeches but the little things that has you showing your community, it’s time for change. 

Is there romance? Of course. A long, unrequited admiration and a new respect.  Truly it is not the romance, but the growth of both characters that kept this reader engaged non-stop until the end. 

This is one of those books that leaves you thinking in the end. Although it's romance, it's only as Brenda Rothert can dive into a subject that others fear to tread and bring out the rawness in such a way that it leaves you thinking for days. First and foremost is it romance story. However it's the strength of the heroine and the growth of the hero that make for a compelling read. 

I can see readers having difficulty with the main conflicts. It’s introduced in not a dark or tee-tee taboo’ presentation. It gives the reader insight in how behaviors - long standing are accepted  by both youth and adults. But is pivotal for how far the hero will need to come to self awareness. As a woman, mother and human, the scene depicted bothered me to the core. Stepping back from it and reading this a second time, it’s a necessary evil for both the reader to go on an emotional journey with Chase and Gin. So in essence the rug needs to be shaken greatly. However,  I hope those who are sensitive may skip over the details in Chapter 3.

In careful discussion with book friends, this story does deal with reality facing our youth today. Some of these readers have high schoolers at home.  They agree that in our world this is an unfortunate truth that is not sugar coated but proceeded with caution in eyes wide open for sensitive readers. With that said, I feel obligated to address there are potential triggers that may have made me uncomfortable reading, but for others will not be welcomed. These include themes: bullying, underage alcohol/drug use, sex with multiple partners and physical abuse.

The author has taken great pains to bring the ups and definite downs of high school in well crafted story without glamorizing. The subjects could have been easily sugar coated as part of fiction, but Ms. Rothert delivers the subjects in their raw reality. 

Just because I found the story intriguing and thought provoking, does not mean it will be for every reader. As readers are not fond of my love of instalove, they may not find the ability to read such a raw story. I will say with everything that made me uncomfortable and don't welcome in my personal life, the power of change was what really brought this full circle for me. 


How did I feel about the story in take one (Inklo) versus take two (eARC)? Welp, it’s a good thing the author is on a summer vacation because the same “I want to choke him” and “Gin deserves better” were spitting from my mouth. Right from the story’s onset, I connected with Gin. Her strength leapt off the page. Chase had to win me over, just as he had to with the heroine as the story's progression. 

I know this is YA and yes, it’s set in High School. But the themes: regret, compassion, bravery, and self-awareness cross the age gap.  Because of the sensitive nature on the conflict, I don’t recommend for under 18. In addition, if you think you are picking up a taboo read, think again. Because Brenda Rothert’s words will make you think and not titillate. It will make you think about gender relationships, peer pressure, all the crap that adolescents deal with and in very adult manners none of us want to face. 

For me, this story isn't meant to be entertaining romance.  It's meant to carry a heavy load for the two characters. You aren't meant to fall in love with the hero. He's supposed to earn your forgiveness along with Gin. Gin carries the story for me - she made me want to see her survive and thrive.  Gin is why I continued to read. But Chase's evolution kept me satisfied.

I will finish with the ending to the story is everything I needed. Getting to know the characters this was their 'perfect'. 

In the end, if you are looking for something raw, reality-based with the heroine rising to the top and hero learning what true bravery is, this is the story for you.  Be aware it deals with extremely sensitive subjects. Characters are under 18 but definitely written for a mature audience.

Purchase on Amazon  or Read for #FREE with Kindle Unlimited


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Because It's Time for their Forever: Blog Tour Because Forever by B. Cranford

“If you’re looking for forever, why aren’t you looking at me?”

Title: Because Forever
Series: The Avenue #2
Author: B. Cranford
Release Date: July 13, 2018

Everyone should have a chance at forever . . .

Twenty-Five Years. That’s how long Odette Peterson called Austin Andrews her best friend. Until he let his mouth ruin it—in more ways than one.

Five Minutes. That’s all it took for their friendship to fall apart, leaving her heart a little broken and her life a little emptier.

One Hour. That’s the amount of time she agrees to give him to try and find his way back into her good graces. Not that she thinks for even one minute that it might work.

It won’t, because . . .

Forever. That’s what Odette’s looking for. Someone to spend her life with; someone who’ll see her as more than just one of the guys. And there’s not a thing Austin can do to stop her.

Except maybe tell her that he loves her . . .

— Free with Kindle Unlimited —
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Amazon Universal

SOLD!! With each book B. Cranford releases, I say "This is my favorite." Taking this journey to watch her storytelling develop, you can't help but be charmed by this friends-to-lovers story.  The writing flows effortlessly as you get to know the two friends and how they learn to navigate this new Facebook status update. 

Aussie and Odie dance the 'BFF' friend zone forever. Each one pining for the other - without the other having a clue. So what happens when a misunderstanding, leads to an apology and a kiss? True confession time. But how to go for an 'us' to an 'Us'? This is their journey that Ms Cranford takes us on.  It's not without a few missteps by the characters, but true to the writer's style, you get the conflict without being over the top. It's likes watching your best friends finally see they are the ones they've been looking for. 

As always, she gives us real characters in real life situations that you root for the HEA they deserve. She introduces us to previous characters to the story without feeling lost. However, she intertwines them enough to want to more of that story.  If you've not picked up this author, now is the time. It's everything a romance reader loves: heart and soul of falling 'more' in love. 5 out of 5 because everyone deserves their forever stars.

Chapter One

Odette Peterson was three sheets to the wind.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of her coffee table, with cherry red boxing gloves on her hands and a glass of wine precariously cupped between them, she was blinking madly and wishing for . . .


No, she wasn’t going to say his name or think his name or spell his name or anything. Not anything. Because she was mad at him.

Fit to be tied.
Up in arms.
Seeing red.

Well, the red she was seeing was possibly the gloves, the wine or maybe her hair, reflected back at her in the window that looked out over a currently empty street.

Whatever, she was pissed at him. Still.

And just to make sure that anger stayed at the right temperature to stop her from caving and calling him—her best friend since she was seven years old and he was eight—she decided to listen to the voicemail he’d left the day after he’d ruined everything.

But first, she had to put the wine down, remove the boxing gloves and . . . something else. But what?

Pick up the phone, Odette. She nodded her drunken thanks to the voice in her head. And then, having negotiated all three steps with only one near-fumble of her glass and one slurred curse word, she cued up the message.

“Odie, come on. You’re being ridiculous and you need to talk to me. All I said was that you were better than him”—

She paused the message with a wobbly-but-righteous tap of her finger to the screen before giving Aussie a piece of her mind. “You stupid idiot, you didn’t say I was better than him. You said I was smarter than that and acting like a dumb girl.” She scoffed. Then added an eye roll for good measure. And if the eye roll was so pronounced she swayed in place, then fine. That just meant she was committed to her anger.

A second righteous tap and Aussie’s voice filled her ear again. “And you are. I didn’t mean to upset you, Garfield, so just call me back. You know you want to forgive me. And you know I’m right about Meatball McGee.”

“His name is Mike, not Meatball. And you’re not right. You’re, you’re, you’re–calling me?” She stared at the screen of her phone, a picture of Austin—eyes crossed, tongue poking out, sandy blond curls flopping all over the place—and decided she was going to answer.

For the first time in weeks, she was going to talk to him.

" emotionally charged book that makes you feel all sorts of happy!" — Angela, Shameless Book Club

B. Cranford is a proud Australian living in the USA, a lover of books, breadsticks and bed, and the mother of two children who are far too similar to their father for her liking. A lifelong reader, she dove into the romance genre on the recommendation of her best friend and hasn’t looked back since. Her debut novel, The Brightest Star, a second chance romance with (she hopes) heart and humor was released on July 13, 2017, which just so happened to be her birthday. Because if you release a book on your birthday, you get twice as much cake, and that can only be a good thing.

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Celebrate the M in BAM: Maddox brings the series to new levels of *swoon*

Is he strong enough to show her—to prove love is worth the risk for both of them?

Title: Maddox
Series: Vested Interest #3
Author: Melanie Moreland
Release Date: July 9, 2018

Brought up in chaos and fear, Maddox requires order and control to cope with life.
He has his career and two closest friends. That is all he needs.
Until Dee enters his life.
She brings forth feelings he has denied himself his entire life—and threatens his control.
He wants to hold.
Damaged by her past, Dee cannot admit her feelings for him, fighting him at every turn.
Is he strong enough to show her—to prove love is worth the risk for both of them?

Just when you think Melanie Moreland can't top the last book, she delivers Maddox. This story delivers the perfect dirty talking, alpha man who has the patience to win the heart of the one who snuck in. As much as it pains me to type this...

Maddox IS the perfect ending in the three men's stories.

There I said it.

I have said that I love Aiden’s story the best <<< oh how I love a complicated man. But…

It's been amazing reading this series unfold, but Maddox is the perfect topper. No, this does not mean I am giving up Aiden as my #1 Book Boyfriend. I am just saying that Maddox wraps up this series perfectly. 

From the start of the series, Maddox has been the dark horse. The one that we didn't know nearly enough about but yearned to. From the prologue opening, we learn his humble beginnings that mold him into the man we meet today. He is driven and forthright. Dee certainly knows where she stands with him. Even from their bookstore met up (right how can you not love him), they know they are destined to be friends because of circumstances. But what if those circumstances become more? What stands in the way of wanting that 'more'?

He commands and controls the reader with Dee in every turn of the page in finding his happily ever after. He knows what he wants (OMG when he asks for it? thigh clenching) and knows what he needs to get it. He is loyal and fierce friend that comes out even when he needs a little push.

With that being said, fans of Melanie Moreland’s are going to be over the moon with Richard VanRyan making an appearance. The Contract is and always will be one of those books I re-read over and over again. But seeing he’s character grow – but not 100% change is always a HUGE treat for fans. 
Melanie Moreland has a grip on her characters and weaves her storytelling to a finish in one day sitting. She knows what drives them and takes the reader in amazing places that you can't help but enjoy. 

Warning: epilogue may cause heavy swooning and ovary bursting. 

Yes, we get Reid who may prove to be the giggles we want in the series. 

The complete Vested Interest series is a perfect arc of the looking into three men’s lives and the missing pieces they didn’t know they needed to succeed in life. Often romance is just the story of two (sometimes three) in the relationship. With this series, we get not only the romance but the bromance. Pick up all three books if you haven’t. Trust me – this is a binge worth reading.

5++ stars of out 5 stars for Maddox and BAM 

Aiden huffed. “Way to go. I’m still hungry.”
“You’re always fucking hungry,” Bentley growled.
“Bottomless pit,” I added, looking at the dishes. There were a lot of them.
“I had nothing to do with the situation, and I still got in trouble. Thanks, Maddox,” Bentley snapped.
“Happy to have included you in the debacle.”
“Shut up, both of you.” Aiden shook his head, reaching for the platter of pancakes. “I’m eating first, then cleaning.”
I looked at my half-eaten plate. “Good idea. Maybe we should cover the girls’ plates, and they can warm them or something.”
Aiden looked over his shoulder. “Do you think they’re fighting?”
“Talking,” Bentley said. “They talk.” He sighed. “They talk a lot.”
“I hope Cami is okay,” Aiden said with a groan. “If I have to beat you for this, Mad Dog, I will—but I’ll try to be gentle.”
“Whatever,” I snorted. “I can take you, big man.”
“You think so? I could snap you like a twig.”
“I’ll throw a couple of lemon Danish at you and run. You’ll be so busy trying to catch them, I’ll be fine.”
He frowned and started to laugh. “That would work.”
We all chuckled. Aiden started eating, and with a shrug, I joined him. The food was too good to waste. When we were done, I laid down my fork.
“I didn’t mean to start anything. I just wanted it out there before Dee changed her mind.”
“What do you mean?”
I wiped my mouth. “Let’s say Dee isn’t as far into this relationship as I am and leave it at that. I’m trying to be patient.” I slouched in my chair. “I need you two to be supportive.”
Bentley rested his elbows on the table, studying me. “Are you serious about this relationship?”
“As a heart attack.”
“And Dee is…”
“Skittish, to say the least.”
Aiden frowned. “Are you forcing her into something? As her brother-in-law, I think I need to stop you.”
“You really think I could force Dee into anything? All I’ve done is move us along a bit. Once she is comfortable with us being a couple, we’ll go from there.”
“Do you ever do anything like a normal person?” Aiden huffed.
“Like you, you mean? Push the woman I love away, then turn around and marry her on a whim? Yeah, so normal.”
Aiden and Bentley gaped at me, making me realize what I had said.
“You love her? I thought you didn’t believe in love.”
I shifted in my chair. “Well, I’d never met Dee.”
Bentley smiled. “Maddox, that’s great. I’m happy for you.”
“Don’t be too happy yet. I have to convince the lady.”
“You will.”
Aiden grunted. “You hurt her, I will hurt you. She’s my family.”
I met his gaze, serious. “If I hurt her, I’ll let you. She’s everything to me.”
His eyes softened in understanding. “I hear you.”
We heard the sound of footsteps, and we all stood, grabbing plates.
“Enough sharing. If we aren’t busy when they get down here, we’ll all be in shit,” I ordered.
Bentley winked as I grabbed a platter.
“Welcome to couple-hood.”

“Sexy, romantic with a little angst mixed in between make Bentley a perfect book that would have you enthralled from beginning to end.” – The Pleasure of Reading Today

“It’s taken me a couple of days to come out of my book coma... Aiden is a great story of love, acceptance, and friendship. I can’t wait for Maddox and his story next!” – Bookgasms Book Blog

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