Monday, July 23, 2018

How 🔥 do you like your romance? Let's talk flame ratings on Book+Main

We know all about the stars. We LOVE the story to Not for me.  But what about the heat that comes along with romance?

I will admit there are some very thorough reviewers out there. They rate stories based on content, editing, and steam factors. Not me. I just ramble on about what I thought about the book.  To be honest, I do have several friends that prefer the milder side of sex scenes.  A recent discussion led to how this impacts first impressions of an author.

My one friend skips over detailed sex scenes and prefers lighter romance. The other is middle of the road in sex scenes - they can be hot but blushes with the butt stuff. Then there is the last of us - bring on the dirty! With retailers providing reviews on storytelling, how can you pick out 'safe for me' in romance?

Flame Ratings on Book+Main

Before we dive too deeply on how to use flame ratings for your best experience, let's discuss what makes up a flame.  Flames are designated by the posting author on the content of the bite. Here are the current ratings:
  1. No Heat
  2. First Kiss
  3. Heavy Petting
  4. Getting Lucky
  5. NSFW

Say you have your Book+Main app on a phone that you allow your five year old child to play Candy Crush on. We know children are far more technologically advanced than adults so they could decide to open that cute heart.  Do you really want to have a discussion on whether the word 'fuck' is used as a verb or noun in the sentence? I think not.  You can set your profile to reflect the flame rating you want to see in bites. And it's simple to do:

  1. Click on your profile
  2. Click on Edit Profile and Settings
  3. Select the highest flame
Now you are ready to discover your next bite based on your personal preference! Your discover feed will only show you bites as you have designated. 


That's all fine and good for bites, but what about books? Remember friend #1 above. She doesn't like detailed sex scenes.  A bite may be considered a mild 'first kiss', but does that extend to the book? Not necessarily but there is a way to find out! 

After you open your bite, click on the link for the book. The book description will provide retailers available, audiobook links and flame designation from the author. More flames -- hotter the title! No flame designation? Start the conversation with a comment on the bite to ask the author. 

Now get ready to rock those flames!!! 

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