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Welcome back to our next episode with the Korner! Missed the last episode? Never fear and just click here to get caught up. We are back in the stacks of Kindle Unlimited’s HUGE library to find you authors who can fill your nights with amazing reads. It’s time to Kindle Unlimited and get some basket shopping done.  

You are NEVER stuck with just one book when you come to the Korner 

Don’t listen to Brian – Aiden if you are a fan from the UK. There is never ONE book to have at the ready.  It’s time for long holiday weekends where you want to escape all the craziness with a fabulous read. Do not fear as we have hustled up some fantastic reads in the LGBTQ genre.

Amy Jo Cousins    

Never feel like you don’t have a chance for zipper club when it comes to your college experience. Amy Jo Cousins delivers the best in LGBTQ New Adult stories without feeling you are rushed for a desperation number.

If you couldn’t get enough of Emmett US/Anthony UK flashing all his fancy moves in Babylon, then Reese from Off Campus will fill your dance card.

Shelby and Florence from TheBelle vs the BDOC will happily team up for game night if you’d pick Lindsay & Melanie US/Esther & Saira UK for your partners.

Sometimes support for who you are comes in all forms, such as Daphne US/Carla UK as a best friend just like Steph from The Girl Next Door

Daryl Banner

Not all love stories need to as serious as a yestergay. Whether you love characters who are able to laugh or need a little angst, Daryl Banner can’t bear to disappoint his readers. And don’t overlook his hetty tales.

Dependable and the glue of the group, Michael US/Craig UK deserves a HEA, then pick up Trevor from Hard for My Boss.

Looking for unhappy and slightly grumpy? Ryan from Bromosexual is a great stand in for Ted US/Jason UK.

Scoop up Dessie from Read My Lips if you love a great obsession like Justin US/Nathan UK had for Brian/Aiden. 

Kindle Alexander    

When it comes to LGBTQ stories with heart, Kindle Alexander has the genre beat. A few of their characters may feel like they are stuck in the iron closet, but the men they fall for will have them out like a nine-dollar bill.

Thane Walker of Reservations thinks he has it all under control, just like Brian US/Aiden UK, but see how his ‘Justin/Nathan’ gets him to change.

If you found yourself rooting for Doctor David US/Peter UK to win Michael/Craig’s heart, then Dr. Baby of Closet Confession is the prescribed read for you.

Drew Boyd (US) scored huge in the end zone with Emmett. If you are looking for that athletic hottie, then check out Colt Michaels from Double Full

Love is Love is Love and we've found some diversity to fill your KU checkout    

Kindle Unlimited is perfect for a NSA relationship with your favorite reads. No worries about having to cottage up just any book. We’ve got your kink handled with these discreet stories without needing to come out of the KU stacks. And feeling ridiculously romantic.

Looking for MORE out of your KU Subscription? 

Are you looking for a place where can you find KU authors and readers alike, all hoping to find amazing stories to read and series to binge?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then here is the perfect slice of KU paradise you've been looking for:

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