Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Little Bit Like I want more of South Haven PLEASE: Review A Little Bit Like Desire by Brooke Blaine

I think I have defined myself over and over as a 'hearts & flowers with unicorns dancing' romance reader.  I typically will not jump into the dark, taboo or what I consider overly angsty area of romance. There are book friends I have that thrive on dramatic angst. (They also love to vaguebook - see a parallel?)

I have a padlock of authors that I consider my 'one-clicks' because what is important for me in reading is two things:

I Am Entertained
I Get Happily Ever After

Brooke Blaine is one of those authors I can depend upon for consistent storytelling where my romantic heart is entertained. Bring on her latest series: South Haven. I fell deeply in love with A Little Bit Like Love and patiently waited book two...

It took 84 years to write.

I joke.

No not really a year later did feel like forever. BUT Brooke did deliver the compelling Unforgettable Duet this winter that was a brilliant twist on the HEA.

I bought.
I downloaded.
I read.

Now, I have no idea what to read next. Why? Brooke Blaine ruined me for any other romance for awhile. I mean the story is EVERYTHING - I want, I need, I DESIRE in romance. I have left the final page completely satisfied. 

And I am dead. Dead I tell you because when these men fall they fall completely in love. Did they fall dramatically? No, not really. But there was just something about the ease and gracefulness of how they did that appealed to me in the story. Neither one really looking. However, each one was in the place for more for the right person to fit. 

Did I think she could top A Little Bit Like Love? Ahhhh... nope. Because seriously, second chance romance is my crack. Lucas and Jackson were the perfect story and then some. But noooooo.... Ms Blaine delivers Shaw and Trent. They not only scorched my eReader, but gave my heart all sorts of good, mushy flutters. Because - No unnecessary angst! *cue angels singing* I mean --> there are parts of misunderstanding, cautionary tales, etc. that keep the two from falling into the vat of feelings. But Brooke Blaine again weaves the tale of effortless love that makes the reader fall in love with them. 

The story has connection, reliability and all the necessary ingredients without dragging it out or creating hair loss. It was perfectly executed storytelling. Not a thing I would change. I was entertained from beginning to end. My attention never wavered. I was enamored with the story. 

If you've not read Brooke before, start with book 1. You need Lucas and Jackson to get the rhythm of South Haven. If you've read Book 1, you are in for a treat. The no-nonsense tattoo artist meets a match I couldn't have predicted. Brava Ms. Blaine. 

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