Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Joys of Whispersync

I read books.  Okay, stating the obvious there.  In addition, I listen to audiobooks on my commute.  Why oh Why has no one ever explained the Joys of Whispersync?!?!  Truly I had no idea how it worked.  Me, oh Wise One with all objects with a lower case i in my personal geek arsenal, had no clue how this worked.

My commute consists of periodic long car drives, airplanes over many miles, and frequent subway rides.  So audiobooks are the perfect solution to tune out the world and enjoy the stories I love so much.  I've been known to also do social experiments where I'll listen to an audiobook out loud in public.  #MattoutloudinLA or #UncivilizedOutLoudinLA  are two of them you can see me document peoples reactions to me listening to my romance novels sans earbuds on Twitter.  Next up is Woolf's turn. 

I digress.  Back to the blog post. 

I begin reading Grey by E. L. James.  As I started the novel, another reader draws my attention to the review of the audiobook version.  I give the sample a listen - oh my that voice actor - and promptly purchases.  I finish reading the chapter on the eBook, download the audiobook to my phone and head to the subway.  I put in my earbuds, press the play button and a magic pop up window appears: "Last heard on location ## from Karen's iPad at 6:40 AM on June 18. Go to that location?"  Huh, that's where I left off on my iPad. You mean my iPhone Audible app knows where I left off?  Does this now mean that wherever I leave off on one it picks up on the other?  I don't have to fast forward, go to the table of contents? 


Now, not all eBooks are available on Whispersync.  (Boo)  But for those that do have it available and  for those who attempt to multi task and fail more often than not - You have your own personal reading assistant.  Now do not confuse this with sync between your audible app devices - such as your iPad and iPhone.  No, Whispersync does that PLUS connects to the spot on the book in your eReader device.  Pure genius.  They have an icon with a cute pair of headphones I can just click to switch.  I love this.  Okay, okay, again with the obvious.  Now I look it see if an eBook will have the option.  Why looky there Go Set A Watchman does. One-click and I'm done. 

What do you think about audiobooks? Do you listen to them?  If not, why not? If you do, did you know about Whispersync? Do you use that feature?  Let me know in the comments.  


Lynn said...

So happy you have a new companion to share your DTLA travels and now an accomplice in your social experiments. Be safe.

My Own Bookshelves said...

Yes, I miss my commute buddy. No one to talk book boyfriends to. ;) I't's pretty interesting to watch the people that turn or have their phones out but not engaging in front of them. Trying to eavesdrop in.

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