Friday, August 14, 2015

How do author's feel about their books? One point of view

I've encouraged you to write meaningful reviews in previous post here.  Meaningful reviews can be good or bad.  But how does the author feel about it?  Ever wonder after you click on submit or post a comment to their Facebook page how they feel about their work?  Well, check out the blog link I'll give you below.

I got the webpage link from another author's Facebook page, K. Bromberg.  Here's what Ms. Bromberg said:

"THIS post. You may like Pepper Winters' books. They might not be your style or genre. Regardless, if you ever wondered what it felt like to be an author...the insecurity, handling criticism, being your own worst enemy... then you need to read this post she wrote because she could have stolen the words straight out of my mouth!
Thank you, Pepper, for your honesty."

It's a long and, as Pepper puts it, epic post.  Go read it here.  Complete reading Ms. Winters' post first then finish mine.

By the way, Pepper gets huge KUDOS for loving the Princess Bride.  I loved it since my freshman year in high school.  And, its the best read-out-loud book.  Okay, now back to the post.

I recently wrote my first one star review.  I felt bad about it.  I mean, did I really need to do that?  The more I thought about it, the more I realized - walk the talk.  I asked you to find a trusted reviewer to follow to get recommendations just like movie reviews.  If I truly didn't like this particular book and if there is one person out there like me, shouldn't I tell them "This book wasn't for me"?  In the end, the answer was yes.  I only posted to my Goodreads as I didn't feel the need to spout my unhappiness all over social media.  I had a trusted friend, D, who knew I was feeling bad about writing such a review. She read my review and expressed it was fair and honest.  (My problem with this box set was with the editing and continuity.  And thank goodness that is not Pepper or Kristy's problems.)  I did post a link on how to write reviews.  Pepper touched on this theme in her blog post and said it here:
"Review the book you read -- not the book you wish the author had written."
After reading Pepper Winter's post, do you have a better understanding of how an author feels?  Does it make you understand why they might not be as enthusiastic as you are? Does it make you re-think any negative reviews that you may have been too harsh in 'not your reality'?   Please let me know in the comments below.

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