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Fan Girl Activated: San Francisco Golden Gate Author Event August 8 2015


Over 30 authors in one place in my favorite California city.  Nadine Colling of Hook Me Up Book Blog  was our host for the day.  It was every West Coast Fangirls dream and more.  Nadine put together an impressive line up of Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Suspense, Erotica and Contemporary Romance novelists.  Oh and one cover model.

Here's a peek into what the event looked like:

If you haven't had the opportunity to attend an Author Event, search on Facebook.  There is most likely one coming near you within driving distance.  Not only do you get to have your Fangirl moment with author's you've read, you get to meet new authors and learn about their novels direct rather than an Amazon blurb.  Plus all the other fans you get to talk books, learn about author's fan pages, etc.  Do not be intimidated by going alone or overthinking it.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  My personal limit is one book/item per author to sign unless I am purchasing from the table as gifts for book friends.  Every book you own to sign for a particular author I think is a bit overwhelming for the author and the fans waiting their turn.  I brought an iPad cover to have authors sign.  It made sense as all my books have a home there. 

Normally, I would go to an Author Event by myself.  However, we decided to make a mini vacation of it and Husband attended with me.  He was awesome <3 !  He carried everything, waited in line for me, got me water, and wore his name tag proudly. 

Yes, I've professed that I am a HUGE Sawyer Bennett fan.  I went immediately, do not stop, right in line.  I've 'met' Sawyer in the virtual world via her fan group: Sawyer Bennett's Never Ending Party
Holy Crap! I'm hugging Sawyer!

Yes, I hugged her big! Visit her Amazon author page:

Sawyer's table with her #1 fan helping
Hmm, who was next up to stalk?  J.A. Huss. If you haven't read her, she is dark, suspenseful, and a wicked twisted mind. 3-2-1 was a WOW for me! If that's your reading type, Amazon author page:

Queen of *gasp*

The event was constantly a hum.  Attendees were polite and everyone was having a good time.  Even in Jennifer Armentrout's long line. Why? Drew Leighty of course.

Event View
Event View 

Jennifer and Drew's long line ;)
When it was my turn, oh yeah, I was going to be getting that picture with the cover model of The Return. Find it and her other books at her Amazon author page:

Drew signing my book
Group pic- Man, they had to be tired by now.

Other authors who are new to me but growing to love:

Mary Ting/M Clarke

Gretchen De La O  

Katy Regnery 
JC Emery
Erika Van Eck 


A little bit about each of these 'new to me' authors:
  • Mary Ting/M. Clarke Author Page . As Mary Ting she writes Fantasy, Paranormal Teen. Huge supporter of literacy via Magic Johnston Foundation.  Writing as M.Clarke is her Contemporary Romance offerings. 
  • Gretchen De La O Author Page Young Adult and New Adult Romance - think forbidden romance.
  • Katy Regnery Author Page Modern Fairytale Romance books you'll love. 
  • JC Emery Author Page  New Adult romance
  • Erika Van Eck Author Page New Adult romance

Now, some know authors to me and links to their Amazon author pages:
Laurelin Paige
Lauren Blakely  

JS Cooper

As much as I wanted to get more pictures and all the signatures, I had my very patient guest with me. We had this hill to walk back up that we came down to attend the event.

After dropping off our stuff, I had the opportunity to connect with Sawyer Bennett and Bethany from HEA Bookshelf.  I love social media and all the connections it can afford.  But, nothing is like finally meeting someone you interact with virtually.

I was very impressed by the diversity of the 'Romance' genre represented.  Everything from teen to adult, paranormal to suspense and anything in between.

If you are interested in checking out these author's works, I've included links to their Amazon author page where I could.  Apologies now for broken links or misspellings.

So, have I got your appetite whet to attend an author event?  Do you live in the Pacific Northwest?  Good news, I can tell you when the next SFGGAE will be held.  Here is the link to keep track of authors who will attend and when tickets are available:
San Francisco Golden Gate Author Event

I hope to see you there!! 

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