Thursday, October 18, 2018

#FanMoments - Why I love Book+Main

Yeah, that's me!  I was invited to join a group of fellow bloggers to test the new features for bloggers to utilize for book sharing.  I have discussed one of my favorite features of the website on a blog post here about flame ratings.  You'll find I share bites I find intriguing and feature reviews I discuss over on Book+Main on my Facebook blog page: My Own Bookshelves.

I also did an on-the-fly how to use Book+Main shortly after launch at the encouragement of Kate Canterbary on YouTube.

But interestingly enough, I still get the "Why do you like this platform?" or "It's just another app I have to manage."

No, it's not.  Seriously, social media isn't easy to navigate when focusing on finding information on books to read for romance genre fans.  You are scrolling through tons of posts to find that 'one item' often to get lost in first day of school pics, posts about a new job, etc.  Book+Main focuses on the book community and solely the book community. Okay... why tell you here. Check out my interview on the Book+Main blog to learn more.

Here's the short fact: 

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