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When Love is Everything: Release Blitz & Review of For Today by B. Cranford

First comes love. Then comes marriage.
And after that? It doesn't matter.
As long as they're together.

Title: For Today
Series: The Avenue #3
Author: B. Cranford
Release Date: October 29, 2018

Seventeen Years Ago. The first time Aaron Andrews saw Simon Foster smile, he knew he was in trouble. He’d never seen anything—or anyone—like the man who’d stolen his favorite seat in his favorite coffee shop.

Six Weeks Ago. The late-night phone call that changed their lives forever was short. Four little words was all it took to set them on a different path—one that included new toys (not that kind), a dose of homophobia (been there), and an appreciation for spandex (though they always appreciated it . . .)

Today. That’s what Aaron and Simon are focused on as they try to plan the best birthday in the history of ever, all for the little boy who has quickly become their world. Even if that means dealing with too-tight costumes, a cape that won’t behave, a meddlesome family . . .

. . . and a past that won’t stay there.

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It’s no secret that B. Cranford is one of my go-to when I one-click romance. She writes relatable characters in situations that any reader can understand. If you are looking for small-town romance – the type where you know the lead characters can be your BFF – look no further. Pick up one of her books and enjoy a satisfying reading experience. But this review is not about the author, but about her latest release, For Today. 

The Avenue series has graced us with siblings Ashton, Aussie and Aaron. Ashton and Aussie found their HEA’s with Dunk and Odie in About Time and Because Forever.  Wait you say – Aaron had already had his HEA in Simon. Yes, he did, but don’t you deserve to know how they got there and keep the sparks alive?

For Today, picks up right on the heels of Because Forever. However, do not feel like you need to have read books 1&2 to jump into Aaron and Simon’s story. Ms. Cranford gives us background to the previous storylines to make this edition standalone. However, as a good book friend found out, you jump ahead and you’ll be going back for the others because the series is just that good. This story is more than a love story – it’s about love in all forms. Especially the one you call Family. 

Family is not always the one you are born into. Simon and Aaron prove this over and over again as they have Finn to be the final piece they never knew was missing. You’ll not want to miss the funny banter in the sibling’s texts and maybe one of the most unexpected children’s birthday party. With the support of spectacular secondary characters, you get to be the observer in Simon and Aaron falling deeper in love. 

That is the perfection of a romantic story to leave you with wanting more from the characters. B. Cranford’s voice in storytelling offers the Hallmark moments with heat and heart. Never over-the-top or excessive angst, it’s a perfect balance of all the ‘feels’. She tells fans she took a chance on writing in the same-sex genre for an established couple. Yet, their story feels brand new and wanting more from The Avenue characters.

This is by far my favorite of B. Cranford’s stories. It’s not a just a must read recommendation, but must buy as you will want to read it over and over again. 

5+ out of 5 stars

“Are you okay?” Simon asked, reaching over the table and resting a hand on Aaron’s. The contact was literally electric, a shock jolting the visual clear, and Aaron nodded fervently.

“Yeah, sorry, I, ahh . . .” Shit. He trailed off unsure what to say.

“Was it because I said I was glad you were nervous? I only said that because I am too, and didn’t want to be all nervy alone.”

“No, no, I got that. No problem.” He shrugged, feeling like his arms were no longer under his control. “I was thinking about your smile,” he offered his date, wanting to give the man the truth but maybe not the whole truth.

Which was surprising, considering that he was usually all about the overshare.

“In a good way, right? Not in a creepy way?” Simon asked with mock fear on his face, and joined Aaron when he began laughing.

“What, like the Joker?” Aaron asked, thinking of the gruesome, stretched smile of Batman’s foe. “Why so serious, Simon?”

“Well, this night took a turn.”

“Yeah, that’s probably something you should know about me,” Aaron admitted, grimacing a little.

“What do you mean?”

“You might have noticed that, ahh, I have a tendency to, umm, you know, sort of, redirect conversations.”

“To killer clown smiles?”

“Honestly, it’s usually to sex. Or sex-adjacent.”

“Sex-adjacent?” Simon tilted his head with the question, clearly trying to figure out what he was talking about.

“Yeah, like sex jokes. Sex positions. Sex stories.” He tapped the front of his forehead. “I have a dirty mind.”

“I hope you’re not afraid to use it,” Simon countered, making it clear that the idea of Aaron’s dirty mind was not a problem in the slightest.

“I’m usually not. With you, though . . .” He trailed off again, taking a deep breath and committing to what his mind was trying to get his mouth to admit. “With you, I find myself wanting to say different things, in the hopes I won’t scare you off.”

“It takes more than a dirty mind to scare me off someone I like.”

“Such as?”

“Any kind of lair is probably questionable. I mean, no one ever has a good lair; it’s always an evil one. People who hate puppies and like bell peppers are also on the no list.”

“Wait, that’s kind of specific. Hate puppies and like bell peppers? Like, if I hate both, or like both, I’m okay?”


“What if I love puppies, but also like bell peppers? Does that make me a no? I could learn to hate bell peppers for you.” Aaron opened his eyes with what he hoped was earnestness. Feigned earnestness, though, because he really didn’t like bell peppers.

“Well, if you’re willing to train yourself away from the vegetable that shall not be named—”

“The Voldemort of the vegetable drawer?” Aaron interrupted.

“Yes, exactly. So, if you’re going to commit to hating them, we might be okay.”

Aaron wiped pretend sweat away from his forehead and laughed. “Crisis averted.”

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"Such an amazing, beautiful story that captivated us from the very first page. B. Cranford delivered wit, pull-at-your-heart-strings emotions, hot and steamy moments and all the swoony feels. We absolutely adored Ashton and Duncan's story!"—New York Times Selling Author, Max Monroe

"I cannot recommend this book enough! Beth does friends-to-lovers in a story filled with so much humor, warmth, reality, and gorgeous true-to-life relationships. Two best friends, a passionate love, an electric, snarky chemistry, and a family that loves and supports each other. Just.....FEELINGS."—Kathryn Nolan, Author of Strictly Professional

B. Cranford is a proud Australian living in the USA, a lover of books, breadsticks and bed, and the mother of two children who are far too similar to their father for her liking. A lifelong reader, she dove into the romance genre on the recommendation of her best friend and hasn’t looked back since. Her debut novel, The Brightest Star, a second chance romance with (she hopes) heart and humor was released on July 13, 2017, which just so happened to be her birthday. Because if you release a book on your birthday, you get twice as much cake, and that can only be a good thing.

* Please note that B. Cranford is the owner/operator of Panda & Boodle *

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