Friday, July 10, 2020

Review: No Reservations

No Reservations No Reservations by Stephanie Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a sucker for second chances and Stephanie Rose's writing.

First - the elephant. Yes, some are calling it book 2 but it's a book in a world that's not dependent on book 1. So you can dive in here first, then go to book 1 or the other way. EITHER way, you are going to love the hell out of this story.

Now, this is not my typical second chance. Oh, there is angst here that keeps them apart. But rather than it being a misunderstanding or some other pull apart, the Hero, Dominic, is the one to break them. (chill pill, not a cheating book) Dominic loves his family deeply and yet when he suffers a loss, he has no idea how to cope. He does what most do - he turns onto himself and doesn't reach out to the one who could lift him. It was truly heartbreaking to watch this man suffer.

Thea also suffers the loss. Not only does she lose Dominic, but she also loses his family. So there is heartbreak abounds.

Now, close your mouth. You are thinking, "Karen this sounds super angsty and something you run from." And you would be normally correct. However, I trust this author not to dump out the drama like a 20 oz bag of Skittles for no reason either. The heartbreak is necessary. Like the blood in their hearts. To suffer a loss and then deal with grief, everyone has a journey and this is theirs.

So this book is how do they come back from this? You know its solely HEA happy town for me so they do. But seeing them come together like adults, healing and understanding were beautiful, breathtaking in the heartache and romance of their second chance.

I loved this story and if you are a fan of second chance trope, this novel is not to be missed as a beautiful story told.

Recommendation: Buy It

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