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I Am Smitten by a Kitten and Snogging a Dog - Review of Untrainable by Jamie Schlosser

Author: Jamie Schlosser
Release Date: 12/13/2018

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It doesn’t take much to become the laughing stock of reality television. Just ask Theodore “Theo-Dog” Legend. Once you’ve pissed on a fire hydrant in front of the paparazzi, no one ever lets you forget it.

Hadley Holiday is on her way to being America’s sweetheart, thanks to her dog training routine on a national talent show. Although she didn’t win first prize, she snagged Theo’s attention and he’ll do just about anything to make her his—even if it means being the butt of everyone’s joke once again.

Hadley wants a career in showbiz. Theo needs to get rid of that doggone nickname—pun intended. Pairing the two together on a new show sounds like a disaster waiting to happen... or it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

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Ready set --- head for the potty pads because once again Jamie Schlosser gets the reader unaware and into giggle fits.  I first found Jamie's writing in Untamable. If you've not read that book, YOU NEED TO. It's not a necessary to proceed with  Untrainable, but more of a moral imperative.  Because it's fucking funny. 

Ms. Schlosser has the ability to find characters who are completely relatable and yet finds themselves in the land of awkward for your entertainment. I had a book buddy find Untamable and request I read so I can help get the word out on this highly entertaining story. And we did. Fast forward to about three weeks ago...

Unassuming I cruise through my daily social media and find JAMIE SCHLOSSER IS RELEASING A BOOK.  #TrueStory I'm rather fangirling. Umm...holy shit... the author notices along with my book buddy and asks if we want to advance read. 


Or some sort of reaction like that. 

Now, this type of book is one you buddy read. Why? It makes the experience that much more enjoyable. It turns out to be a competition on who can highlight and message the other with a line that tickles their fancy. There was a lot of tickling happening too. 

What is about this story? Now, don't get me wrong. I like Hadley. She was a strong, assuming heroine who you can relate to as your best friend. But who stole the story? Theo. Yes, he is a bad boy. He needs someone to reign him in. But damnit - his heart shines through the pages. I dare you to not fall in love with his character.  His character arc moves with his realization that he carries a heavy burden  that gets swept under the antics. Don't worry - it's not one of those stories that turns sad. No, in all of Theo's flaws, his self realization makes him human and appealing.

As with Untamable, Ms. Schlosser introduces secondary characters involved in scenes that keep you turning the pages to figure just how this is going to turn out without bodily injury. If you love a great rom-com with heart and heat, don't just borrow but buy the book. This will be one that I pick up time and again when I need something to lighten the day and leave a smile on my face.

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5 out of 5 Stars

Jamie Schlosser grew up on a farm in Illinois surrounded by cornfields. Although she no longer lives in the country, her dream is to return to rural living someday. As a stay-at-home mom, she spends most of her days running back and forth between her two wonderful kids and her laptop. She loves her family, iced coffee, and happily-everafters. You can find out more about Jamie and upcoming at the following links:

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