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The Brightest Star: Tales of a Debut Blog Tour & Review

Now you THINK this is a story about a debut author. Nope, sorry. All about me. Okay fine. A little bit about the author too. You'll come back in about a week. I will have my very FIRST blog tour and review. Yes sir - B. Cranford has got me to do what I swore I wasn't going to do.   

 Blog Tour 

See, remember I didn't want to feel like I had sold out to 'The Man'. I didn't want to be 'just another blog' about romance books. I was going to be different. I was going to offer something that no one else did. We were going to talk about reading and books and not feel like I was shoving my favorite authors down your throat.  

Oh how the pompous have fallen.  

 So what happened you ask? Well, this book happened...

I toot the horn of all my favorite authors far and wide all over social media. Except here. What was it about THIS story that changed my mind?  Well, here is my review on Goodreads, eRetailers and back here on July 13th.  


What happens when the man who took a gamble with your heart shows up at your Panera? The imprint he left on your heart still bears the very sharp grooves caused by his abrupt departure. Do you forgive him? Or shove that Italian down his throat?  

That my reading buddies is what you get when you enter the world of Sebastian and Brighton in The Brightest Star. Second chance romance is my favorite trope, and from reading the synopsis I was 'all in'. Ms. Cranford keeps the reader engaged with all the necessary ingredients for a fabulous novel. It's clever combination of a little bit sad, sprinkled with outrage, just enough spice, a hefty serving of humor, and a ginormous portion of love. Often times with debut authors, I give them the widest berth to find their voice in storytelling. Never have I been so enchanted from the start and willing to devour a tale in an afternoon.  

The characters had me rooting for each one separately for different reasons. At times I hoped that Brighton would yell and scream at him for what he deserved after two years. Then Sebastian would seem genuinely sorry - I mean I KNEW he was so sorry and just wanted hug him. And tell Bright to give him a break. Until no - you encouraged her to stand firm - make him prove he is the right choice. 
And that my friends - all those emotions - B. Cranford can evoke from you as you read is why you want to consume this story, and ask for more.  

 Which is where I ask B. Cranford for Declan and Jade's story. Because come ON there is a story there dying to be told.  

 I am often shrewd with my reviews on debut books. There is place for improvement. This story I just can't find flaw.  

🌟 It's beautiful.
🌟 It's brilliant.

If you love contemporary romance as much as I do, you'll fly your fingers to click on this fabulous story. 5 out of 5 stars 

Yep, that's my review for Goodreads, know out there.

It's not a bad review. And I will use it over again in a few weeks right here. Awesome as you get the privilege of listening to me twice. So how about the review that I won't be publishing. 

Say WHAT? you say. I'm holding out. Wait up, I'll give it to you. 

The Secret Review Files

As I have disclosed, I have the pleasure of beta reading for a few authors. I am highly picky for whom I read. I mean to share this level of awesome - well - we don't want to flood the world with it. Besides getting me aka speaks fluent sarcasm, the author has to be open-minded and willing to engage in reasonable discussion about their story and characters from my feedback.  I do respect that all stories are a vision that each author shares with the world. What I mean by reasonable discussion is that the author is willing to engage what I feel as a reader. Also doesn't get their panties in a twist when I send grimace emojis for a scene aka I AM NOT FEELING THIS.  I mean, I get it. It's horrible to have someone tell you that your baby is ugly. But if the author is willing to work with me then yeah sure. 

So long story even longer, B Cranford asked if I'd early read.

Okay. Sure...

I've worked with her on other projects and they turned out fine. Yeah, I'd give it a go. 

I Was Fucking Floored. 

Go back to the part about reasonable discussion.  This story was brilliant. Shit! Here's my speech to all the authors I read for - you bring your A game and I want your A+ game. What the ever-loving fuck was I going to say to make this even better? 

Hell if I knew. Guess I'm re-reading it.

If this was her best version, I need to be super picky. Really dig into the characters. What drives them? Did I understand them completely? Were there parts I needed clarity on? Could I feel what they felt? I mean my second read through and I'm determined to be ruthless.  

Yeah like a damn kitten. 

But, yes, I did find things to challenge her as a storyteller to bring out the very best in her characters. I mean she brought her A+ game and I asked her for her A+++ game. And this my fellow beloved bookworms is my real review. When I say this story is brilliant, I mean it. It's everything I want and need in contemporary romance. It's not a gut-wrenching, tear-inducing, throw my kindle that some seem to favor. What The Brightest Star is - entertaining, engaging, beautifully told with humor and love. That's fills all the checkboxes for my definition of what a true representation in the category of contemporary romance.  And most importantly: my required HEA. 

So that's the real review. And you might think I'm writing this because of the acknowledgement. (Yes, I realize you haven't read that yet but when you do...) Nope, I'm not worried. This book will find the readership and people will be talking about how awesome it made them feel. 

Plus - on a continuing selfish note - I'd really like to learn more about the mystery that is Declan and Jade. 

In closing, come back on July 13th, I will have the 'official' blog tour with all the necessary links and such.  Just remember... I warned you...You are going to love it. 


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