Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fan Girl Activated: Bibliobules Author Signing and Mixer Event

It's December.  What else do you do except decorate, go to parades, eat cookies, etc.  Well, what do I do? Author Event!!

Bibliobules hosted a small, intimate book signing event.  Events this size are my favorites. I had the opportunity to actually chat with the authors for longer than it takes them to sign their books.  In addition to speak with two additional vendors I will feature below. Hint: Chocolate!

First, I need to give a huge shout out to Authors Martha Sweeney and Thomas Sweeney .  Okay, really Martha *wink*.  This was their first event and worked tirelessly to promote, get authors and vendors. Their next event is schedule for April in Florida.  You can find all the details at their website: Bibliobules.

First stop on my Author room sweep, Melanie Shawn.  I love these Central Cali ladies. If you haven't read their Crossroads series - it's a recommended series read from me. And shout out for donating a third book for Dexter's giveaway! 

Round the table to the fabulous Julie Prestsater.   I'm so looking forward to reading her Fire Me Up series. On the TBR. I love her Against The Wall series. She was a gem to speak with. She didn't even mind when I called her character Chase a 'douche'.  Well, he is  -although I did love that she gave him a book in Playing Chase and I found his soft, squishy center. As the event winded down, we had the mixer portion and I won a copy of Against the Wall which I 'made' her sign for my personal collection. 

Now, as I move to the next tables, all three authors are new to me.  First was Melissa A Hanson, a young adult author.  Who is on my TBR.  I know - gasp.  But the synopsis sounds like a very awesome read. 

I love intrigue and books that keep me guessing.  Elisa Marie Hopkins' series Diamond in the Rough offers me just that.  So, add to my TBR.  Besides being one of the co-hosts for the event, her Mother was her PA.  Let's just say she's a hoot and an awesome cook!  The event had a raffle prizes and, ta-da, Elisa was the first winner.  I love when I can snap some candids. 

Last on my table journey was the gracious Jan Moran.  She writes Women's Fiction. Which I have lots of friends that don't always want all steam.  And true for me too. Sometimes a good story with strong heroines is what you need.  Her books promise to deliver just that.  In addition, if you choose one of her books for a book club, she is more than willing to Skype in. How cool is that! Jan and I sat next to each other during the mixer.  Loved getting to know her better.

Did I mention there was chocolate? And super cool bookmarks I got as gifts for friends.  Please click on the links to their websites to visit their wares.  PS: Sinless is guilt free.

So where is my picture of the event hosts?  Yes, I am lame. Did I have time? Yes. Did I do it? No. It didn't occur to me until after I reached home. #fangirlfail.  But, we did chat off and on. We did speak about their books.  Martha writes erotic *fans self* menage.  Okay where have I been? Click on TBR. Tom had a copy of The Harem just for me. (or at least that's what I'm telling myself). The novel started as a screenplay that morphed into a novel. Can't wait to read. I may not have individual pics of them, but here is Tom's book. 

At the end of the signing portion, group pictures were taken.  Wait, does it count I have those of Tom and Martha?

While authors are breaking down to join the mixer portion, I get this wild idea.  I'm going to do a week long giveaway at Darlene & Dexter's Book Nook.  So click on the link and join our fabulous group of bookworms.  From Dec 14th through 18th,  the giveaway will feature one of the authors or two.  Besides books signed by the attending authors, the winner will get plenty of swag, some signed. Not all invited authors could attend so I have a few 'Blind Dates with a Book' to add to the Friday's double giveaway.  
Bibby the elf approved of my bookish finds.

Now, I've got to sort it all.  Who's idea was this? Oh, yeah - Mine.

Last but not least, is my favorite raffle prize: A reading lap blanket. Want one for yourself or a bookworm friend, click on the link to Bibliobules to order today. 

What type of author signing events do you favor? Huge ones with lots of authors, models and vendors?  Or small intimate ones where conversation can happen?  Join in the conversation below in the comments. 


Unknown said...

It was a wonderful pleasure meeting you Karen! Thank you for coming to our event. Definitely keep in touch!

My Own Bookshelves said...

Thank you Martha! You, Tom and Elisa did a fabulous job. Small events where you get to spend time with the authors are my personal favorite. And I found a few "new to me" authors I have added to my TBR. Congrats on your first event! and Yes, keep in touch.

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