Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Piracy Sucks

Can I borrow your Blu-Ray and burn a copy?  How about you download Adele's new album for me? See no harm in the inquiry?  Well, I do.  First line: Can I borrow? Yes, to watch. Not to copy.  It's plain and simple, it's piracy.  Actors and musicians produce their craft because they love what they do.  Actually, they love it so much that's all they want to do.  But for some reason the human body requires nutrition so they would like to get paid.  That 'free' copy you just made, it's pirating food right out of the artist's mouths. 

What about eBooks?  

Recently I've had the unfortunate opportunity to read not one, but several Facebook posts about Plagiarism.  In my mind, it's piracy.  You've copied the words and called them your own. Shame on this troll.  And shame on you if you buy because 'it's cheaper'. You are creating a demand that a few pirates are more than happy to fulfill.  Just don't do it.  If you feel like one time won't matter, it does. These authors work hard to put their thoughts into meaningful stories.  If the author offers to give you the book, fine. Otherwise, pay for what it's worth. Too expensive? Then it's not worth the cost to you. But that doesn't give you license to be a downstream pirate. 

Why are my panties in a twist? I fully support authors.  I love to read. Just today, another post like the one I'm sharing below was in a book lovers group asking: "Is this real?". 

I read this on a shared post from another author.  This author, Amanda Young, is taking the time out of her day when she could be writing to create this photo.  It serves as a warning to authors that there is a person stealing. And a plea to reader to not buy this pirated copy. 

Now, recently there have been a several other indie authors battling the plagiarism beasts that come their way.  Amazon is very pro-active in shutting down these copies. B&N, Google Play, etc. not so much.  As I see this posts, my vision goes red.  Swear words exit my mouth.  I'm saddened and offer support.  Now, I run across a post from Ella Fox.  I'll provide an excerpt here.  However, click on this link and read the whole thing. I'm not an author, but she articulates every argument that is swimming in my brain.

 "I'd have stayed silent this time, too... if it weren't for the lovely poster on the stolen books Facebook page who decided to try and school a bunch of authors about stealing. I've attached the screenshot so you can all see what we're dealing with. Don't EVER come at me or anyone I know saying you steal shit because you're poor. It's an insult to every person who has lived or is currently living below the poverty line to imply that it's a license to steal. It isn't."

Ella Fox's post goes on to give excellent examples of how sharing can be done legally and to the benefit to both the income restricted reader and the author.  Read and share Ella's post. It's the one way for fellow bookworms can make sure our beloved authors can do what they do best, write, not fight piracy.

After all this, I realized that I too would have been an unwitting pawn in the piracy game.  If you follow my blog, you'll know I did a giveaway in October on my Facebook page.  I was legit.  Each week drawing, I input the names into's List Generator and number one was picked.  I PM'd the winner asking for their email to gift an copy. Well, one winner, took over 10 days to respond.  When they did they said:

"Is it possible for me to receive in PDF or .doc instead? I am also travelling right now and Kindle denies me access.
Sure I would love to write good reviews smile emoticon Appreciating the artists (authors) for a job well done is very essential to me. Upon Request, I can also post Reviews on goodreads, Amazon, Facebook Pages, and more."

Hmmm, I think the giveaway was clear. The eBook version from Amazon was part of a fundraiser. And where are you traveling outside the World Wide Web you can't log into your Amazon account?  I gifted them the eBooks instead because that's what I said I would do. As of 12/17/15, their gift goes unclaimed.  Hmmmm....yep, makes me ill to my stomach. If I would have had what they requested, would they have 'shared'?   I think I owe the swear jar about fifty bucks.

Join in the conversation.  What can be done to stop the piracy? And those who think it's okay to allow these pirates to profitWhere do you draw the line at 'sharing'?  

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