Sunday, June 27, 2021

Review: Finding Ronan's Heart

Finding Ronan's Heart Finding Ronan's Heart by Melanie Moreland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hero with Heart as big as his size

In a world of romance where alpha men and powerful redeemable heroes seem to rock the pages, sometimes a reader needs a bit of a nonshowy hero. A man who isn't always right, maybe has a flaw - a man who keeps it real. Ronan Callaghan is just that hero.

Ohhh don't you be worrying your head over but...I like my possesive alpha men. Thats the perfection of the writing in this story. He has the biggest heart, but protective of what is his.

“I decided right then streetlights were just as romantic as moonlight. Especially if the man kissing me was Ronan.”

Yup that is the sound of my heart swooning.

Beth is a relatable heroine. No OTT antics. Or sad Sally here. Just a strong, independent heroine is looking to give the best for her and her brother. My favorite kind of heroine who I can see being BFF with.

Things that I love:
- story development touching on the power of all types of love.
- kids are scene stealers and some of the best ones
- balance of sexual tension that makes you burn
- all the stuff before this

Things to consider:
- is part of a series but not necessary. This is easily and entrance point into the magic of this world.

Melanie Moreland serves up some of the best in contempory romance. Okay I am trying not to be biased but cant help myself- for me she is the best hitting the checkboxes in what i am looking for. Hopeful, heartful and romantic. I am going to be thinking about this couple for a long while.

PS: Excited for Liam & Paige. Yeah I get it - we’ve seen the story. But through Beth & Ronan’s eyes. I am tickled pink we get to have the curtain pulled back to see their side. Thank you readers for asking for more!!

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