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A different love story - Blog Tour - Favorite Hello Hardest Goodbye by ES Carter

Title: Favourite Hello. Hardest Goodbye.
Author: E.S. Carter
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: April 17, 2020

I feel him.
Before I even lay eyes on him, I sense him.
The air in the room seems charged, my awareness of him heightened, but he is a stranger to me.
Unfamiliar, yet familiar.
Unknown, yet known.
And something inside me says, "Hello, I've been waiting for you."
I see him.
I've seen him a hundred times before and I know this will not be the last, but each time I do, I feel it.
That invisible tether.
I remember everything.
I remember him.
His eyes lock with mine and then move away too quickly.
I am nothing more than a stranger, another face in the crowd.
While he is my favourite hello, and my hardest goodbye.

My Review

ES Carter has magic with words. She writes in this lyrical fashion that weaves around you and spins you somewhere else. And isn't that what we want our fiction to do? Provide us those few precious moments to escape. 

The story allows the reader to peer into a moment of time between Mac and Ell. We share in their discovery and connection. To appreciate this meeting of the souls, you may need to step back for a moment and allow the words to seep in. Ms Carter doesn't just hand over the journey. She expects you to feel this voyage and appreciate the possibilities these two souls have.

As I read, I experienced a myriad of emotions ranging from joy to tears. Because that's what true love brings. All the joy of the moment along with the painful parts. Life isn't perfect. But couldn't we all wish for what Masen and Ellis have. 

I seriously hate spoilers. And this book is magic and needs to be experienced. So rather than get into the story you get into how this love story made me feel. 

Yes, love story fiction not romance. If you are eager to find beautiful magic, buy this book. 


“You’re in front of me, I can see you, but not only with my eyes. Your voice, the way you speak to me, I hear it, but not only with my ears. My body knows yours, Macs.” I rub a hand over my abdomen. "It knows you in here.” I tap my temple with my finger. “It knows you in here.” And finally, I place a palm on my chest over my heart. “And in here, in here it’s hollow, empty, waiting, always waiting.” “For what?” His words are a mere whisper of air. “For you.”

USA Today Bestselling Author, ES Carter, lives in Cardiff, South Wales—the home of castles, dragons, and folklore.
Her family joke that she was born with a book in her hand, and the urge to write stories soon followed.
At eleven, she won her school's literary prize. At ages fourteen to sixteen - her poetry phase after falling in love with Dylan Thomas and e.e. cummings - she had a few poems published, but life, love, and family overtook her dreams, and she was in her thirties when she began the scary journey of self-publishing.
Her debut and internationally best-selling series, 'Love by Numbers', are a set of interconnected stand-alone romances, all with varying themes of love. From second-chance to romantic comedy and M/M romance. These stories do not need to be read in order (apart from the opening duet Nineteen/Twenty One), in fact, she is often guilty of advising readers to start at the last book and work their way back through.
Contemporary romance is not the only genre she writes, her second series, 'The Red Order', is as dark and twisted as you can get, but there is beauty there too if you can open your eyes and look.
With many more stories bursting to be set free, she hopes you stay along for the ride.
She loves to connect with readers, so please feel free to friend/follow her on Facebook, IG, and Twitter or join her reader's group, E's Elite <3
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