Monday, February 24, 2020

Review: Changing Roles

Changing Roles Changing Roles by Melanie Moreland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Liam, you silly, wonderful git.

I know we all love our Alpha heroes. Take charge, possessive, growly - all the things we heard that Tarzan of the jungle was and want one for our own. But, wouldn't it be wonderful to see someone grow into the role without the hole part of alphahole?

Liam needs help. OMG desperately. As witnessed in this bite over at Book+Main:
For twenty-eight years, he has enjoyed his role (mostly) as an actor, friend, and son. There is no possessiveness needed. Until Shelby walks into his life. And leaves him on a dinner date where he realizes - he's in love with her. He tries on that possessiveness to get the Girl Friday.

Shelby is no simpering heroine. She's had life had her some rotten lemons. But rather than wallow and hide behind life's crappy fate, she walks around the pile and chooses to chin up and move on. Little does she know that her heart is going to add to her list of duties - Falling in love with her best friend.

This story is everything you expect it to be: Funny, sexy and falling in love with their journey. If you loved the movie Music & Lyrics, this novel is for you.

Melanie Moreland engages the reader with appealing leads and great secondary characters. It's so lovely to read great storytelling without the unending drama that is meant to shock and cringe. I am growing weary in my choices being just men who aren't redeemable. In a book world where my daily recommendation feed is full of bullies and men who don't appreciate life, this story fills my hearts-and-flowers-fluffy-bunny-and unicorn heart with laughs and smiles. Ms. Moreland delivers a story for the rest of us: For those who want to see the characters grow and love with some laughter along the way.

This is going to be shelved in my personal favorites. One I will return to when I need that - love story. Friends to Lovers - Best Friends perfect for each other - and *poof* watch it happen.

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