Saturday, January 11, 2020

Review: The Scarlet Night

The Scarlet Night The Scarlet Night by Nicole French
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, I hate to admit - this is my first Nicole French book. Although I've loved her covers and blurbs, I never took the chance to once click them. Oh, that was an oversight.

I learned about this new series through a LIVE video she did on Facebook in The Korner. I am going, to be honest - the premise is not one of my 'go-tos'. But listening to Nicole speak - about both the hero and heroine had me completely intrigued.

Zola is suave. He is cocky and he is definitely a one-night stand man. Nina isn't looking for a hookup more of an escape. After a few hours in the bar, they decide to crash into the headlong triste that you knew was inevitable from the sizzle. The next morning leaves Zola and the reader wanting more.

This is one of those naughty escape novellas where you get this glimpse into the characters. Satisfied but extremely curious about what is going to happen in this duet. If you are leery about the trope, give the novella a chance to see if you too are curious on what mystery awaits these star crossed lovers.

Recommendation - click it for free. You may find you also love her storytelling and want to check out her other titles.

4.5 out o f 5

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