Saturday, December 21, 2019

Vested Interest Box Set - MUST READ

Vested Interest Box Set: Books 1-3Vested Interest Box Set: Books 1-3 by Melanie Moreland
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I love the men of BAM! This box set is a must have to read. Once you are done, BONUS CONTENT!


Emmy, Cami and Dee have a girlfriend bond that's all things you want good in your tribe. Whereas the men of BAM - Bentley, Aiden and Maddox - seriously. This bromance is panty melting, ovary combusting stuff. Melanie Moreland's shining talent is in her male characters and she delivers what her readers expect and more.


I didn't expect Aiden to take me on the emotional journey of learning to open your heart and acceptance. We all find our space in life. Carve out the protective moat and allow only a few in. Aiden not only doesn't desire a long term relationship, he deems himself unworthy. But he wiggles under your skin where you can't help but want him to find his happy.


Melanie Moreland has a grip on her characters and weaves her storytelling to a finish in one day sitting. She knows what drives them and takes the reader in amazing places that you can't help but enjoy. I can't believe this is the end of the series because there is so much more I want to learn.

Warning: epilogue may cause heavy swooning and ovary bursting.

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