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Final Installment: Books that Wrecked me for other Books 2016 - One by E.S. Carter

Am I saving the best for last? Possibly so. This story pulled out every feel that the other books that wrecked me plus more. This was a book that so completely wrecked me. It was weeks where I would pick up a story and not finish it. I'd return to One and start re-reading.


I could not leave the characters behind.  Issac and Flynn swirled in my brain, leaving me distracted, asking questions was there anything I may have missed, and how can I move on.  I couldn't.

One is a dual POV story and book five of the Love By Numbers series.  Although I strongly stand by that this story can be read as a standalone, you will be introduced to characters from the previous books that will be enough to wet your appetite for more.  And more you should read. ES Carter is a brilliant master of the unchartered stories in romance.  She brings a fresh voice to an often repeatable genre that gives each Fox brother/friend a HEA that is like no other.

But first what was it about Issac and Flynn?

He was sexy and uninhibited.

He shocked me.

I hated him.

No, I really hated him.

I wanted to comfort him.

No, I still really hated him.

He surprised me.

I was heartbroken for him.

He deserves this.

He deserves everything.

Why did this book wreck me for all others? 

What is my one word for One: {crickets}.  That's just it.
I  can't find one word that encompasses all that I feel when I read this story.  
It just makes me feel so much.  There is not one word I can find in my silly brain to give you.  That is what compelled me to read ES Carter's story over and over again. Because it gave me everything in a story that I need.

Issac is the man you want to be friends with. He is caring, loyal and fun.  He loves life and his family.  Issac does not allow others to impair his vision.  Yet, when Flynn steps into focus, Issac stumbles.  He is unsure. Vulnerable. And Flynn. I didn't believe he deserved Issac.  However, once the reader gives the opportunity for opening to the possibility, you cannot do anything but cry, yell and scream that they deserve this happily ever after - together.

So, I went on quest of sorts.  You see... I basically shoved this book down anyone's throat that would read it.  I looked at my Amazon account as of this post. I've gifted this book 15 times.  And I will gift it again.  Just comment below or email to the blog admin you'd like a chance for an Amazon ecopy in exchange for a review and its yours.  That's my promise and confidence that you'll love this romance.  Okay back to my quest...

Yes, this was me. To every blogger, book worm and friend.

"What are you reading?"       One by ES Carter
"What do you recommend?" One by ES Carter
"What should I read next?"   One by ES Carter

See a pattern folks...

Then came my toughest sell.  You see the lovely Beth @ Panda & Boodle and Missy @ Bookgasms both took my suggestion and read it. Thank you both <3.  Then came Denise...

You see my friends, she read Three and didn't love it like I did. She liked it but didn't adore it. How could we remain friends with her taste in stories? I love Denise so I forgave her this transgression.  But she could not help but notice my blatant, over exuberant fangirling of One.  See, she too loves same-sex genre.  I carefully said, "I'll gift you One. If you don't like it, I don't want to hear about it."

... Fast Forward to February 2017... PM from Denise "I'm starting One."

Oh Fuck... 

Whispers while silently rocking in the corner "Please love it". 

Now, reviews do not make me cry.  Sometimes books. Sometimes movies. A lot of the times Hallmark commercials.  Never reviews.  

This one did.  So now my book fans go read this review of One by ShhMomsReading.  Comment and tell Denise I sent you. 

Now if you want to get One for yourself, here are the links to your favorite retailers:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

Thank you for indulging me in my sharing of favorite reads for 2016.  I hope you've enjoyed what has touched me and maybe you'll take a chance on a few new stories. 

So back to not so regularly scheduled blog posts on bookish type things. 

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