Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hey there.
Long time no blog.
Been kinda quiet around here.
So I guess its time for true confessions of the blogger for the close out of 2016.

First, Happy New Years Eve


Pretty much over self thrashing now.  I mean it is what it is.  I didn't meet my personal goals for keeping up with blogging last year. You can tell from the side bar. Three posts.  Granted they were for charity - so bonus points on the positive sharing.  The year before of the reinventing of me - 23.  I'd say I fell down on the job.

So what happened?

On the serious side, I did take some time off in January and February to have elective surgery that I am happy to say went beautifully and so happy I took care of.  But if I was being honest, it's the excuse.  I had two 'overdue' blog posts not done prior to my surgery.  When I thought about blogging, well...two turned into three...and so on...and so on.  Kinda of a snowball effect.  I felt overwhelmed by my pastdue unwritten blog entries.

Where do I start?
Do I do the most recent past due one?
Or the oldest past due one?
Or the one I've been thinking about?
Or the one that I think is the most interesting?

I just didn't start.  That didn't solve the problem. I just choose to ignore it. All year long.

Just so you know.  It wasn't just blogging that I fell apart on commitment. That effort to write reviews for everything I read?  Yeah, that got overwhelming too.  I read a shit ton of books while recuperating but the reviews just didn't happen.  That added to the anxiety- do I catch up the blog or the reviews first? Elisa says I let it go.

Okay fine there you have the reasons.  Why am I writing this now?  I got inspired by a friend. See she's started her own blog.  (Link on the side bar) And her blog is everything I wanted this blog to be.  Not a promo blog.  Not a strictly review blog.  Just a blog of her reading and random thoughts on life. So, its what I want my blog to grow up to be someday where I talking about the reading world and what is on my mind on a fairly consistent basis.  Not for anyone else but me.

Okay - LETS DO THIS (again).  I've got a plan.

And the plan is:  Just blog whatever is on my mind and whenever I feel like it. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't get my Tuesday night entry done.  When it happens, I will be basking in the awesomeness of getting it done.  And rather than taking the approach where I am fair and unbiased.  I'm going to be biased as hell.  Yep, I'm going to fangirl all over your face about something that I absolutely love.  You'll see - in my head - there is an epic blog entry tomorrow.  Baring any hangovers.

Now, what about my past blog entries.  Those will come.  You see, I have some really great pictures to share and awesome adventure tales to tell.  Which means this blog entry will become somewhat out of whack because -yes, I'm admitting to cheating- backdating the entries to when they occurred.  So you'll see 2016 go from 3 to unknown number. It's kinda OCD of me.  But hey, my blog and my rules.

In the mean time, grab a cocktail of your choice, be with your favorite people and usher in 2017 with a big smile.  I will with a great book in my hands.

Since you asked so nicely. It's an ARC of Dirty Secret by Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert.

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