Monday, September 21, 2015

Fan Girl Activated: Black & Gold Author Event 9/12/15 Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA you say?

You went clear to Pittsburgh?  Yep, crazy girl I am.

And it was an absolute BLAST!  I not only got to have another filling day of author sightings, but made a wickedly fun girls weekend with some very favorite friends.  If you are Facebook friends, you've had the opportunity to view my non-author adventures.  It was a first time to Pittsburgh for me so I definitely made the most of it. Yes, let's get the number one question out of the way: I visited Primanti Bros. for lunch and was stuffed by the time we rolled out of there.  

YES - Way too much fun.  And came home with way more books and stuff than I planned.  However, I did bring my iPad cover.  This time I had authors sign the back side for this event.  The team from Southern Bell Book Blog made everything flow easily which made my time well spent meeting everyone who signed. 

Rather than gush about everyone I got the chance to meet, how'z about I share a few pictures I took?  I tried to do a decent job standing at their author banner so you know who they are too!  Here are some 'new to me' authors I got to meet.  Each one of them spent the time to talk about their books, ask where I came from ( big topic of the day), and you'll note as the day wore on so did the humidity increase. 

Comment time:  Check out her pants!!! They are covered in Ryan Gosling! Yes, Rachel Blaufield is that tall and wearing wedges.

Although I met the twins at SFGGA event in August, I failed at getting a picture.  Not failing this time getting one of Krista and Becca Ritchie.

Now to my 'must see'.  I was totally kicking myself for not getting a copy signed of The Vixen and The Vet.  What you haven't read?  Let me fix that.  Go click here: Buy this Modern Fairytale.  Now, she was one of the funniest reactions.  Because this was a surprise trip, I had to be sneaky with my pre-orders.  Katy was most accommodating in my stealthiness.  When I asked her to sign the back side of my iPad cover proudly letting her know she'd be one of two gracing it on both sides, she exclaimed, "Are you stalking me?".  Well, maybe.  But let's not make that so public. 

Next, up was Kim Holden.  My very dear book friend, D, introduced me to her writings.  If you haven't read Bright Side and Gus, it's a must read.  Both books complete the story.  I'd show you a picture of the tank top I got, but you really need to read Gus first.  So if you join the Bright Side Facebook group, you'll see a picture of me proudly wearing my "Gus...." tank.  The lovely lady to the right of Kim is another dear friend, Beth of Give Me Books.  Right now, she's still a dear friend because I haven't one-clicked any suggestions from her - this week.  But, she has promised I can come live with her and all my books when I go broke. 

My first Hockey Author goes to: Toni Aleo.  I have read the Assassin series several times.  Why? It's hockey.  That should explain it all.  Plus she's a talented writer and down right funny person.  There may have been a dinner later with a hot Sous Chef.  I think she still owes us a story. 

And lastly, in full stalker mode, I got to meet up with Sawyer Bennett and her awesome PA, Lisa!  They make my world fun every day!  I love these ladies hard. 

There was all sorts of fun our troop of book lovers got into.  There may have been drinking, inappropriate cupcakes, pirate wench, etc.  I hope someday you have the opportunity to go to a book signing with a few close friends.  It was a trip to remember.  

And lastly, a huge THANK YOU to Susan Stoker for helping us with the tickets. And Missy of Give Me Books blog for being an awesome roommate. 

Have questions about what to do or how to find a book signing in your neck of the woods?  Please comment below to start the conversation. 


The Pleasure of Reading Today said...

It was and awesome weekend full of shenanigans, great friends, some inappropriate cupcakes, and great authors <3

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a blast so pleased you all had fun. Looking forward to meeting you all at some point in the future xxxx

My Own Bookshelves said...

Janett - it total was! And I so look forward to the next time we all can get together.

Jackie - I am still on track to attend Riveting Reads Australia (R.R.A) October 2017!

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