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Virtual Read Along For Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Sept 4 - Sept 18 

I'm hosting a reading discussion of the classic romance. 

Join us at Darlene & Dexter's  then join the Book Nook Discussion event

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This page's comments above will be dedicated to either virtual read-alongs I am hosting or participating in.  If you are hosting or participating in a read-along and want to reach out to others, please feel free to contact me to include your notice to post on the blog.

So what is a virtual read-along?  Often they are referred to as chapter reads, book club reads, etc.  The host will select a book based on the group preference.  The host will then assign chapters with dates to be finished for discussion.  Smart hosts will get assign members of the group to host each section assignment for posting discussion questions and/or comments.  Unlike book or reader clubs, you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home.  You can post your comments or questions to the section of the read-along at any time.  Flight delay? Emergency? I just plain forgot?  Post when you can.  That's the beauty of a virtual read-along.  You can participate at your own pace and lifestyle needs.  No rushing around to get the family feed, laundry done or what not before you head to your own library or book seller.  Now, it does rather suck that you can't see the expressions or hear the enthusiasm. But, for me, having fellow book lovers all over, this is a great way to discuss our current favorite (or non-favorite) read.

Because conversation in blogs can get lost, and the purpose of this blog is to discuss all things literary, virtual read-alongs will be hosted at on Facebook link here: My Own Bookshelves Facebook or at a Facebook link in the announcement.
Please go like the page to stay informed of hosted events and referrals.

 In the meantime, check back here at this page for what I am involved in.

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